Scotan Labour Party
Leader Jack Booth
Founded November 2013
Headquarters Pandoris, Clares City District
Ideology Social democracy, Referendum voting, Liberalism, Socialism
Political position Left-Centre
International affiliation No Affiliation yet
Official colours Red
National Assembly of Scotannaea
12 / 45

Scotan Labour (Scotan Labour Party) is a political party in the Republic of Scotannaea founded in November 2013. It's ideology is to make social classes equal to one another, control crime & unemployment levels within society and make a rise to nationalisation in government corporations.

Scotan Labour Political Compass

Scotan Labour currently holds 4 seats in the National Assembly of Scotannaea but will have to wait until the next Scotan General Election to see which seats Scotan Labour will occupy in the National Assembly.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea