Liberal Democrats
Leader Vacant
Founded November 2013
Headquarters Kerne, Clares City District, Claresland
Ideology Liberalism, Social democracy, Civil libertarianism, Federalism
Political position Radical-Centre
International affiliation No Affiliation yet
Official colours      Yellow, Gold
National Assembly of Scotannaea
8 / 45

Scotan Liberal Democrats is a political party in the Republic of Scotannaea founded in November 2013. It's ideology is to give the country their opinions and choices for every issue that concerns them. It wants to regulate government companies so that controversies don't happen at a radical level and that the satisfaction of the nation is kept at a decent level for it's citizens.


Following the creation of Scotannaea as a Presidential Republic, the Scotan Liberal Democrats was among many political parties created in the Autumn of 2013. The first leader was the incumbent President Jeremy Kloth, however his term was short lived and he went back to his previous party, the Federalist Party. Four days later Shane Cahill took over, who held this position until February 2014. Following this, Dan Wilcox took over as leader and stood as the party candidate for the 2014 elections.

Scotan Liberal Democrats Political Compass

Political Compass

Electoral Record

At the time of its creation, the party held 5 seats in the National Assembly of Scotannaea. Following the 2014 elections, the party gained 3 seats, bringing the total to 8.


Picture Name Entered office Left office
Jera Empire Soldier BDU Jeremy Kloth December 4 2013 December 8 2013
120px Shane Cahill December 10 2013 February 8 2014
Dan Wilcox Portrait Dan Wilcox March 1 2014 July 7 2014

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