Scotan National Independence Party
Leader William Robert McGuire
Founded December 2013
Headquarters Brownsea Island
Ideology Nationalism, Euroscepticism, Anti-Immigration, Conservativism, Socialism
Political position Mid Authoritarian-Left
International affiliation No Affiliation yet
Official colours Brown, Auburn
National Assembly of Scotannaea
9 / 45

The Scotan National Independence Party (or SNIP) is a political party in the Republic of Scotannaea founded in December 2013. It's ideology is to prevent mass immigration, toughen borders, reject the European Union and be a Nationalist and Authoritarian state. And it's other aims are to colonise more lands of the world, Create a state where Scotan citizens come first as opposed to foreign citizens.

SNIP Political Compass

The SNIP currently holds 1 seat in the National Assembly of Scotannaea but will have to wait until the next Scotan General Election to see which seats The SNIP will occupy in the National Assembly.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea