Scotannaea general election, 2014
National Assembly of Scotannaea
April 2, 2014
Turnout Scotan Labour victory
Majority party Minority party Third party
ScotanLabourLogo UnitedScotannaeaLogo GreenPartyofScotannaeaLogo
Leader Jack Booth George Vovk Bin Stü'òrd
Party Scotan Labour United Scotannaea Green Party
Leader since 19 January 2014 10 December 2013 28 January 2014
Leader's seat none Davisland Spit Beach West
Last election - - -
Seats won 12 4 7
Seat change +8 -2 0
Popular vote - - -
Percentage 25.71% 10.48% 16.19%
Swing +25.71% +10.48% +16.19%
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
SNIPlogo WorkersRevolutionaryPartyLogo LiberalDemocratsScotannaeaLogo
Leader William Robert McGuire Asaad Assil Dan Wilcox
Party SNIP Workers Revolutionary Liberal Democrats
Leader since 17 December 2013 19 January 2014 1 March 2014
Leader's seat North-West Claresland none none
Last election - - -
Seats won 9 5 8
Seat change +8 +5 +3
Popular vote - - -
Percentage 20% 10.48% 17.14%
Swing +20% +10.48% +17.14%

Incumbent President
Jeremy Kloth

Jack Booth
Scotan Labour

The Scotannaea general election of 2014 was the first general election in the Republic of Scotannaea due to the first president Jeremy Kloth being elected on demand and at request by the monarch of the previous Kingdom of Scotannaea on the 17th August 2013, the day before republican independence and monarchy abolishment. The 2nd President that succeeded Kloth on the 3rd April 2014 after the last night's election turned out to be Jack Booth of Scotan Labour with a majority vote of 25.71% on a ranking scale system.


The election campaigns for the 2014 general election were becoming active by Scotan Labour's Jack Booth creating history in Scotannaea by broadcasting the first ever presidential election broadcast on Scotan television. Campaigns from other political parties hadnn't really kick started yet as there has been no sign of any propaganda from other parties; Jack Booth had made a pledge that all party political broadcasts for the general election could be broadcast on 3BN. William McGuire of SNIP released a campaign poster for citizens to vote for him in the election.