Scotogrelic language
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Republic of Scotannaea
Spoken in Flag of Scotannaea Republic of Scotannaea (de facto)
Total speakers unknown
Language family Language isolate
Language type Constructed Language
Regulated by no official regulation

Scotogrelic was a language used in old Scotannaea but is now primarily used by the Republic of Scotannaea as a de facto tertiary language. In today's world, there are not many native speakers of the language. The language bases everything in the long forms of english, but with no words. This language is more of a decipherable alphabet rather than a translateable language, but there are different pronounciations of the letters making it more of a dialect rather than an alphabet. You could argue that people do speak Scotogrelic but it's more of a form of broken english in phonics but as an alphabet. The Scotogrelic language doesn't adapt to the latin writing system and borrows letters from Coptic, Greek and Cyrillic systems, The language has 43 letters in total, 27 consonants and 16 vowels. Whatever phonic is used in English, the Scotogrelic phonic is what it would sound like if translated. The Scotogrelic letters are the same as the translated phonics and all have different sounds.


The flag of the Scotogrelic speaking community.

The language was once known as Scotan Grelic but foreign people and natives thought that Scotannaea was receiving too much credit for a nationwide and regional language, therefore as from February 2014, the language was renamed to Scotogrelic to define the roots of the language (Scotannaea) and for the name of the language (Grelic).

Here are the translated letters for the language:

Uppercase Scotogrelic Lowercase Scotogrelic English Phonic Scotogrelic Phonic
Λ λ 'a' in "March" 'i' in "Bin"
Ϭ ϭ 'a' in "Match" 'u' in "Burn"
Π π 'a' in "May" 'a' in "March"
Σ σ 'b' in "Boat" 'p' in "Peel"
Ϧ ϧ 'ch' in "loch" 'x' in "Box"
Ԅ ԅ 'ch' in "Clutch" 'th' in "Maths"
Ƹ ƹ 'd' in "Dog" 'sh' in "Mash"
Ґ ґ 'e' in "Egg" 'or' in "Ore"
Ϣ ϣ 'f' in "Fail" 'v' in "Vehicle"
Ѡ ѡ 'gg' in "Egg" 'y' in "Yacht"
Ƕ ƕ 'h' in "House" 'l' in "Law"
Ϥ ϥ 'ee' in "Tree" 'e' in "Egg"
Ӿ ӿ 'i' in "Bin" 'oo' in "Moon"
Ƣ ƣ "eye" 'a' in "May"
Ϛ ϛ 'j' in "June" 'w' in "watch"
Ѫ ѫ 'k' in "Kill" 'coup' in "Coup d'etat"
Γ г 'l' in "Law" 'r' in "Car"
Ш ш 'm' in "Main" 'n' in "Name"
Щ щ 'n' in "Name" 'm' in "Main"
Ϙ ϙ 'o' in "Bomb" 'a' in "Match"
Ԏ ԏ 'or' in "Ore" 'o' in "Go"
Ȣ ȣ 'o' in "Go" 'u' in "Undo"
Ӈ ӈ 'ow' in "Cow" "eye"
Б б 'p' in "Peel" 't' in "Taxi"
Ϯ ϯ 'coup' in "Coup d'etat" 'ch' in "Clutch"
Њ њ 'qu' in "Queen" 'gg' in "Egg"
Э э 'r' in "car" 'k' in "kill"
Ϩ ϩ 's' in "Snake" 'z' in "Zoo"
Ѭ ѭ 'sh' in "Mash" 'qu' in "Queen"
Ψ ψ 't' in "Taxi" 'h' in "House"
Ҁ ҁ 'th' in "Maths" 'f' in "Fail"
Ф ф 'oo' in "Moon" 'ow' in "Cow"
Ԃ ԃ 'u' in "Undo" 'o' in "Bomb"
Ԑ ԑ 'u' in "Burn" 'ee' in "Tree"
Ѥ ѥ 'v' in "vehicle" 's' in "Snake"
Ҧ ҧ 'w' in "watch" 'b' in "Boat"
Ѧ ѧ 'x' in "Box" 'ch' in "loch"
Ҩ ҩ 'y' in "yacht" 'j' in "June"
Ѳ ѳ 'z' in "Zoo" 'd' in "Dog"
Ӄ ӄ 's' in "Measure" 'ng' in "Bang"
И и 'ng' in "Bang" 's' in "Measure"
Ԇ ԇ 'oy' in "Ahoy" "Zee"
Ћ ћ "Zee" 'oy' in "Ahoy"


English Scotogrelic Pronounciation
Hello Ƕґг Laura-uh
How are you? Ƕӈҧ λ ҩф Lie bih jow
Goodbye Ѡԑƹσҩƣ Yeesh pay
Republic of Scotannaea Эґбԃσгӿѫ ϙϣ Ϩѫϙψԃщπԃ Court-op-roo-coo av Z-coo-ah-hoh-m-ar-o
Welcome Ҧґгѫԑш Boar-r-coo-een
Thank You Ҁϭиѫ Ҩф Fuj-coo Jow

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea