The Scoussian Doctrine is the doctrine originally adopted by those of the Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia.


The Idea of the Doctrine is to do several things:

  1. Be pro-capitalist
  2. Have a libertarian society.
  3. Have a neutral philosophy in all conflicts unless it involves number 4
  4. Prevent the spread of communism into lands of Scoussian Doctrine nations or of their allies
  5. Do not enter war unless threatened or to fulfill number 4

These are the main 5 thesis of the Scoussian Doctrine. This doctrine is the official example of how Scoussia operates.

Any other nation is allowed to adopt this doctrine.

Nations who have adopted the Scoussian Doctrine

If you have decided for your nation to adopt this philosophy place your nations flag and nations name below.

  1. Scoussia Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia
  2. Daniel-Landic flag Daniel-Land