SRU seal
University Seal
Motto: Educatio est Libertatem, Educatio est Pax, Educatio est Scientia (Translation: Education is Liberty, Education is Peace, Education is Knowledge)
University Song: Scoussian National Anthem
Mascot N/A
Official language Sian, English, Spanish, and Russian
Established July 1, 2013
Location Scoussia City
Students N/A
University President King Aaron Spencer Morton
University Vice-President Keeper Jesse Thornock

The Scoussian Royal University (Also referred to as SRU) is a Scoussian Government owned university. It as ran by who ever is King and Keeper of Scoussia at the time, King being President and Keeper being Vice President. It is Scoussia's first university.

SRU is founded on many of Scoussia's basic education principles as being that education is of the top priority in Scoussia.

SRU also has a certain system of student acceptance. In Scoussia the School year ends the first week of June. Now the students cannot apply for SRU, they must receive a letter of invitation. Only the top 1% of all High School graduates get are asked to come. Letters are sent out the second week of June and all recipients are required to reply back with a form of acceptance to SRU by the second week of July. After that students well be allowed to try to apply for SRU, but very few to none will be accepted.

SRU is also the national research facility of Scoussia. and will be located on the minecraft city of scoussia.

The university seal of SRU feature the national colors of Scoussia, Blue, White, and Silver. The year of the founding of Scoussia, 2013, is on the bottom written in Sian. "Scoussian Royal University" is also written in Sian. The seal also features the Scoussian Constitution of Liberty and Independence, and the Olive tree of peace.


SRU in its building plans feature it's first 4 colleges, each one in studies that range from business management to law.

List of SRU Colleges

Mark McCrary College of the Sciences

Aaron Morton College of Business

Walter Kwong College of Philosophy

Jesse Thornock College of Law

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