The Scroll of Theocratic Independence is a scroll written by Agoston Nemeth. It is a theocratic equivalent of a constitution. It declares the independence of the Nevatim Empire. The scroll was written after the Podokan Civil War. The war which resulted in the dissolving of the micronation of New Podokan.

In this war, Nemeth and his followers overthrew the president of New Podokan, and renamed the micronation Nevatim, and made the government a theocracy.

The Scroll

The Scroll of Theocratic Independence reads as follows:

We the priests declare that Nevatim is founded on the principle of the religion of Acornism

We believe that the individual has certain rights, foremost among them the right to life, freedom from discrimination, personal security, freedom of religion, and the right to collect acorns

To ensure that the laws of the land support the religion of Acornism, we proclaim this scroll the supreme law of the land