Second Great Boom era
August 1st–Ongoing

Preceded by   Great Ideological Conflict Era
Followed by   Ongoing
Leader(s) Alexander Reinhardt
Philip Fish
James Puchowski


The Kingdom of Starland is a nation renowned for its hatred of socialism. Starland and the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics had heated debates and almost went to war due to Starland's medling in their affairs and threats. Despite the situation calming down, a few days later, many micronations of different political ideologies put political embargoes on Starland. The dislike of Starland heightened when Starland showed support for the A1 National Liberation Front, a pro-democratic terrorist group based in the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1.

New Nations:

During the Great Idelogical Conflict Era certain states formed directly from the rubble while others formed out of new macronational areas.

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