Secular State of Locvic

"Fuel revolution. Question everything."
Meg & Dia - Monster
Official language(s) Locvici
Official religion(s) Atheism
Demonym Locvici
Government Direct Democracy
- Vice-President Colin Aaron
- President Nick Samuels
- Premier Aryx Doder
Established December 1st 2013
Area claimed 56 Miles² (estimated)
Population 19
Currency US Dollar
National sport Kickball
National animal Tiger

The Secular State of Locvic, was a Direct Democracy. The country was situated in Midwestern North America, completely inside of the United States. The establishment of the Secular State of Locvic was on December 1st 2013.


Religious Issues

When Locvic was founded, it was meant to be a place where Atheists could live without religious peoples. It also wrote its constitution on the same day. No religious people were allowed to be a citizen of the nation, and doing any religious practises resulted in the strong penalty of deportation from the country.


The weeks leading up to Locvic's collapse was a controversial time. Many citizens were angry with the government not letting religious people become citizens, and the discovery that Premier Aryx Doder had been aiding the rebels added distrust within the government. President Nick Samuels exiled a number of citizens from the nation for treason. Aryx Doder was not exiled due to his personal friendship with Samuels, which soon ended once the nation collapsed. Samuels officially resigned on March 14th, 2014. This lead to Vice President Colin Aaron also resigning, leaving Doder in charge of the government. He then created the Democracy of Alpacastan, and exiled who he thought to be "Religio-phobes". He continued the Full Democracy style of government, but executed it more legitimately.

Government & Politics

Locvic was a single party, liberal, and secular state. Even though Locvic was supposed to be a Direct Democracy, most laws were decided without any public opinion. On October 30th, 2013, a poll was held throughout the nation determining the nations Human Development Index, and it ranked a 0.602.


The Republic of Locvic had a population of 19 citizens at the time of it's collapse, but started with over 25 citizens.


The Republic of Locvic identified as a secular country, and anything to do with religion was against the law. Locvici religious policy was a strict separation of church and public under which life was kept completely secular.


Dubstep and electronic music was favoured among most citizens. Rock and metal was also very popular during the first two months of the nation. A small minority favoured Pop and Classical.


Popular sports played in Locvic include football and basketball. Locvici martial arts include Karate and Taekwondo.


English was the most used language in the nation, however some citizens chose to use Locvici, a dialect of English using the Greek alphabet. During formal occasions the language was also used, but near the collapse of the nation it's use became obsolete.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Locvic had a fairly large number of macronations it did not recognise. The United States was not recognised due to using nuclear weapons in combat, and hosting a genocide against Native Americans[1]. Israel was not recognised for killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians[2]. Saudi Arabia was not recognised for declaring all Atheists terrorists.[3] North Korea was not recognised for torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment on their citizens.[4]


The Locvici Armed Forces was not organised, and it called upon civilians to help defend the nation from invaders. However, the "military" was never needed or used in any combat whatsoever.

Geography & Climate

Since Locvici mainly existed in the season of winter, most nights and days were cold and dry. The geography mostly consisted of plains and mountains.


In Locvic, most of the culture was influenced by the country's strong Atheistic views.

Government laws such as strong efforts to eliminate poverty, the banning of all weapons not owned by the government, and the legalisation of same-sex marriage are social indicators of Locvic's cultural values.