Template:Country InfoboxSelwyn is a micronation that was founded on May 13th, 2017. The micronation is located on a patch of land in the middle of a boulevard in Montreal, Canada. There are a total of six trees in Selwyn.


The majority of Selwish people are adherents to Nobanism. They believe that a man named Nobah (see Numbers 32:42) is a prophet. The leader of Selwyn is Pope Aidan I.


Upon discovering the Cult of Bob Ross, a man named Delmon decided that the religion needed its own state, "like Catholicism and Vatican City" as Delmon said.

A few days after discovering and joining the Cult of Bob Ross, on May 13th, 2017, Delmon found a patch of land in the middle of a boulevard in his hometown of Montreal. He made that place his micronation, and named it Selwyn, after his mother's last name.

Delmon asked some people to join his micronation, and six people accepted his invitation to Selwyn. Only three adhered to the Cult of Bob Ross.

By June of 2017, the people had lost faith in Bob Ross, and they converted to Nobanism, a religion that revered Nobah (see Numbers 32:42) as a major prophet. Delmon's brother Aidan replaced Delmon as pope of Selwyn. Aidan renamed the capital Kenath.