Semi-Autonomous Province of Zyakoslavia (Subject of the F.A.R.T.)

"Kill and be killed!"
Official language(s) English, Spanish, French, Russian
Short name Zyakofranslavia
Demonym Zyakofranslav
- Executive Governor Zdenko Lvivchenkov
Established 30 January 2015
Population 10
Currency Imperial F.A.R.T. Dollar

The Semi-Autonomous Province of Zyakoslavia, sometimes known simply as Zyakofranslavia, is the eleventh state and fifth province of the Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T.

History Edit

Admitted into the union on 30 January 2015, Zyakofranslavia became a Semi-Autonomous Province.

Local Legal Code Edit

Zyakofranslavia holds the distinction of being the first state of the F.A.R.T. to pass a law on a local level. Ratified by Executive Governor Zdenko Lvivchenkov and Supreme Dictator Vladimir Veselovsky on 6 February 2015, the law stipulates that all human citizens of Zyakofranslavia are compelled to eat pizza every Friday, and that failing to do so could result in a simulated execution. In full, the law reads: "Lactose tolerable persons are legally required to consume some amount of pizza on every Friday. Not complying with this law is punishable by the death penalty."

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