Senate of Assholes of Fazezda
муДачный Сенат Фазезды
[muDachnyi Senat Fazezdy]
Type Unicameral
Emperor Vladislav Chokin
Senator not selected
Minister of Mess not selected
Minister of Calmness not selected
Minister of Unbridled Fun not selected
Members 10

Senate of Assholes of Fazezda (rus. "муДачный Сенат Фазезды") - is the official Parliament of Fazezda.

Name Edit

Organisation's original name is made from quibble. The first word - "муДачный" ("muDachnyi") - consist of two separate words: "Мудачный" ("Mudachnyi") and "Дачный" ("Dachnyi"). The first one is adjective from word "Мудак" ("Mudak"), which means "The Asshole". Second one is adjective from "Дача" ("Dacha"). Mix of words creates comical double sense.

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