The Serbian Autonomous Republic/Srpska Autonomna Republika(or SAR) was founded on 25th of February 2015. This micronation is the successor of the former Republic of Porto Viva.

Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava
National anthem
Capital city Teslianum
Official language(s) Serbian
Official religion(s) Serbian Orthodox Christianity
Short name SAR
Demonym Serbian
Government Presidential Republic
- President Miloš Novaković
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - unicameral
- Last election - February 2015
Established 25th February 2015
Currency Serbian dinar(RSD)
National sport Chess
National dish Ćevapi
National drink Rakija

History and cultureEdit

Serbian autonomous republic or SAR is formed on 25th of February 2015 as successor to Porto Viva. It was formed by the will of the people with Proclamation of independency. All started with disestablishment of the Republic of Porto Viva at the 23rd of November 2014. After that the Transitional Council had a job to save the Army and territotory of the former state and to prepare new Constitution for the new state. This process ended in February 2015. After the formation of SAR the elections for President have concluded and National Assembly of the Republic was formed. The new Government soon bringed new laws and established an Armed Forces, Police and State Court of the Republic. Almost all the inhabitants of SAR are the Serbian nationality and Orthodox Christians.The official language of SAR is Serbian. Other languages used are Russian and English. SAR is known for their Serbian food like Gibanica(pie with a cheese) , "Ćevapi" ( kebabs) , Ajvar(chutney), Sarma(cabagge rolls) and Rakija as Serbian national drink made from fruits like plum. Official letter of SAR is the serbian cyrilic. The chess, basketball and football are very popular sports amoung the people. The capital city of S.A.R. Teslianum, get this name in honor to the greatest serbian and world scientist Nikola Tesla. This man wanted( and he could) to bring free electricity for the whole world.

Nikola Tesla

Government & PoliticsEdit

SAR is presidential republic with Constitution as the highest act of the state. With the new Constituition there is a direct democracy which is represented as type of government. The legislative body is National Assembly. The executive power is held by the Government and President. The presidential elections are been held on every 5 months. The Government has an authority over Police, Armed Forces and State Court. Judges are elected by the National Assembly. The Army is maintained as defencive power of the Republic and the president is Commander-in-Chief. By the Justice Law corruption and violence are strictly prohibited. The GMO production and transit of GMO products through the territory of S.A.R. is banned. As the successor state of Porto Viva, SAR will continue its diplomatic relations with countries that had relations with Porto Viva.

SAR has diplomatic relations with:

Republic of Viadalvia - formal relations

Vetria - formal relations

Federal Republic of South-Eastern Carpathians ( Neu Kronstadt) - special relations

Panstvo Braterski - informal relations

Tsardom of Markoslavia -formal relations

Republic of Zahodnoslavia - formal relations

Arcadian Empire - formal relations

Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan - special relations

SAR is the full member state of  Balkan Confederation and Druzhba Union.

Political parties:

- Social Democratic Party (SDP)- Left-centre

-National Democratic Party (NDS) - Right-wing

-Workers Party ( RP) - Left-wing

- Movement ,,Opposition of unity,,- Right-centre

Currently the government is led by the left-wing coalition of SDP and RP.

Foreign policy and official statementsEdit

On 24th of March 2015 our government released next statement:" We do not recognize the unilateral and illegal decleration of independence of Kosovo so it will be regarded as the province and part of the Republic of Serbia. We also condemn the NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999 which take countless of innocent lives".

On 7th of April 2015 our government released next statement:" Today is the World day of HEALTH. We celebrate this day as the micronation who has as its first priority the healtcare and safe food for the people. In S.A.R. GMO products are strictly prohibited because  we are aware of the poisones and cancerogenic elements contained in GMO food. The organic food can bring more good and prosperity to the health of the living person. SAY NO TO GMO !!!".
Eko 3


SAR has free market economy with public and private sector of companies but the government is protecting mainly domestic products.Taxes are paying voluntarily. Currently the state has four companies. The most represented is the production of clean water, armed productions and mineral-electric industry. As the time passes the SAR gains more profit in export trade.

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