Rixdag of Vladislavia
(Riksdag Vladislavielor)
Sfatul logo
Type Unicameral
Malgart Vladislav Chokin
Members 5
Committees 5

Rixdag of Vladislavia (verd. Riksdag Vladislavielor) - is the Parliament and Legislature of Verd'landian Republic.

Rixdag is unicameral, and consist of Malgart with 5 members. By Larmiga, everyone has right to be present at meetings as observer.

At this moment, all duties lie on Vladislav Chokin. Organisation consider itself in exile.


Rixdag is the name of Swedish parliament. Former name of legislature was "Sfatul".

"Sfatul" is the kind of "Council" in Verd'landian universe. It can be as local ruling organ in small village, as Parliament of big unitary Verd'landian country. Word "Sfatul" was imported from Romanian language. Originally it means the same - "The Council". But the only noticed political object, having this calling, was "Sfatul Țării" (Land's Council) in Moldovan Democratic Republic between 1917 and 1918 years.


Rixdag divides into 5 Commissariats, and they in their's turn are divided into smaller organisations - predominantly, smallest cell of the Sfatul is Department (verd. Parcэštacї).

Commissariat of Internal Affairs

  • Department of Civil Accounting

Performs recording of citizens and issuing of identification documents.

Commissariat of Foreign Affairs

  • Department of Naturalization

Serves processing of explanation of Verd'landian traditions, mindset, culture, cuisine and language. Helps to formally change nationality and gives the Passport of Verd'landian.

Commissariat of Infrastructure and Transport

State's aviacompany.

State's railroad company. Performs the projecting, building and servicing of railways.

State's shipping organisation.

State's administration of funiculars.

Commissariat of Defense

The official army forces of state and nation. Exists for protection of state, intelligence service and diversional actions against detected enemies of Verd'landian nation and minor groups, discriminated in external country but equalized and protected in Vladislavia.

Separate militarized organisation, performing disengagement of state's border. Besides this, builds infrastructure of demarcation and serves the protection of border from external aggressors.

Commissariat of Culture and National Identity

  • Department of International Cultural Relations

Creates communication with nations to mutually learn their culture. Organisation promotes piece and friendship between them.

  • Linguistic Committee of National Language

Improves constructed Verd'landian language to make it full-valuable and easier to learn.

  • Commonwealth of Postcrossers of Vladislavia

Parliamentary hobby club, which holds official account of Vladislavia on Postcrossing site and sends postcards from Republic.

Planned, debatable and defunct structures

Commissariat of Internal Affairs

Commissariat of Foreign Affairs

  • Department of Economical Cooperation

Commissariat of Infrastructure and Transport

  • Department of Communications

Commissariat of Defense

Commissariat of Culture and National Identity

  • Commonwealth of Performers of National Music


There aren't political parties or unions within Republic of Vladislavia, and Rixdag shoud be consist of people, the most faithful and loyal to regime of microstate.

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