Sfatul of Vladislavia in Exile
Vladislavia in Exile (Akkerman)
Vladislavia Ukrainian Flag
Ukrainian Citizen's Flag

Dum Spiro Spero.
(English: While i Breathe, I Hope.)
Arumiї Rem
Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy...
Sfatul location map

Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy flag Odessa cityflag
Odessa (approx. in 2020)

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Official language(s) Russian, Ukrainian
Government Not exists (de-facto)
Established 1st October 2016
Area claimed Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy flag 328 m²
Odessa cityflag 1100 m²
Population 1 (registered)
2 (non-residens)
Currency Ukrainian Hryvnia(UAH)

Sfatul of Vladislavia in Exile (vdl. Sfatul Vladislavielor in Tragul) - is the official governance of Vladislavia, temporarily without any kind of owned territory. It comprises only a founder and current leader - Vladislav Chokin.

De-jure, office located in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy (Small town in southern Ukraine), but actually, a leader usually lives in Odessa.

History Edit

Government was established in the same date with Vladislavia - approximately in 1st October 2016.

In March 2017, Government got prepared to move in new place - to Chokin's house, temporarily unbuilt.

Reason of situation Edit

Age of ruler Edit

Vladislav Chokin is 16 years old. Compared with micronationalists of russian speaking regions, it is very big age, but still not enough to have rights to own property or live separately from parent's family.

Principles of ruler Edit

Chokin refused to declare Vladislavia in areas, where he hasn't any power. Also, this principle is written in Larmiga of Vladislavia.

The reason is simple: situation, when "leader" at "his own" territory must to submit to the other people, is silly and hypocritical.

Situation in Ukraine Edit

Ideology of this micronation contradicts with majority of mindsets of people in eastern European countries. Because of this, Vladislavia needs active self-defensive forces and participation of police in appeared cases of vandalism or attacks of rageful people.

Ukraine, in which Vladislav has bad luck to live, is not ideal place to create micronation (Worse places are Belarus and Russia), but it could be not so problematic, if so called "Revolution of Dignity" never happened. Now, gangs of nationalists have exceptional rights in this country. Their usual occupation - is searching of "separatists" (People, who are not agree with government, or people, who don't like Ukraine). If Vladislavia would be caught by their eyes, all citizens will have a lot of problems - like threats and violence. Police will cooperate with nationalists, and if Self-Defence will decide to resist, all actual Vladislavians would be arrested (If nationalists wouldn't kill them earlier).

Because of this, Chokin opted to establish this micronation in other country - in Romania, which citizenship he should to get in near future. Romanians aren't "ideal" people to adjoin with VRV, but anyway better than Ukrainians. Also, police in this country works a little bit better.

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