Silvaen Armed Forces

The military of the People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae was abolished on May 1st 2014 after the Communist Revolution. It is currently replaced with the People's Guard (citizens militia). The military was divided into two corps, the Terram Copiis (Ground Forces) and the Aquam Copias (Water Forces).

Terram Copiis

The ground forces were commanded by General Howard B. Hayws.

Aquam Copias

The water forces (navy) were commanded by Admiral Jauquaba Elrumbadack

The People's Guard

The People's Guard was established by Archduke Morgan James Morrison after the dissolution of the Silvaen Military on May 1st, 2014. The Commander in Chief is the Archduke who is given that power through the Silvaen Articles of Confederacy. Currently the Guards have one military bases in both US enclave territory states, Deum De Terra and the Capital State of Morrisopolis.

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