Republic of Sionesia
Republicu va'Zyonaesu
Motto: Voúru Kéri Lântu / Our Dear Land
Official language(s) Sionesian
Ethnic groups (2013) 99% European, under 1% Other
Demonym Sionesian / mi'Sio
Population (2013) ~200
Government Democratic zi'Monu Republic
 -  Sionesian Council Crystân Nomâranâu Bastiân Lovasâu
Legislature Nasióna na'Ródu / National Council
 -  Upper house Council House
 -  Lower house Peoples House
Independence from Norway 
 -  Declared 8th September 2013 
HDI  .955 (Very High) (1st (see note 1))
Currency Sionesian Corônu (SCO)
Time zone CET (UTC +1)
Date format
Drives on the Right
1 Note 1: This is the HDI of Norway.
Sionesia (Sionesian: s'Zyonaesu, Norwegian: Sionesia) officially the Republic of Sionesia (Sionesian: Republicu 'va'Zyonaesu, Norwegian: Republikken Sionesia) is an unrecognized island country, just off the coast of southern Norway. It claims an island with roughly 200 inhabitants. Its capital is Lágonâu, located in the northeast of the country.

The Sionesian collective head of state is the Sionesian Council, a two-member group that currently consists of Crystân Nomâranâu (current Head of Economics) and Bastiân Lovasâu (current Head of Culture). Elections are held every 6 months.


Sionesia is an anglicised version of Zyonaesu. Zyo comes from the Norwegian word Sjø, which means Sea. -nesia comes from Greek nèsos, meaning island. Sionesia litterally means "Sea island".


The terrain is hilly. The highest point in Sionesia is Nougâu, at approximately 90 meters above sea level.


Most of the population is concentrated near the capital Lágonâu. With some small settlements inland such as Cõsanâu.

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