His Grace

The Duke of Redcaster

King of Harenfall
Reign September 26th 2013 - January 24th 2015
King of Arms
tenure February 21st 2015 - present
Predecessor position established
Full name
Sivert Jeffrey Ferdinand Charles
House House Of MacLean
Father Jeff MacLean
Mother Marit Swensen
Born August 2nd, 2001
Norway Bodø, Norway
Religion Protestant Christian

Jeffrey MacLean is a micronationalist, and former King of the now defunct kingdom of Harenfall. 


Jeffrey MacLean was born in Bodoe, Norway in 2001. He began his micronational career in september 2013, when he founded the Kingdom of Harenfall. He developed said kingdom between late 2013 and early 2015, establishing a goverment, entering into diplomatic relations with several micronations, founding various state establishments, and even a royal society for maintaining heraldry within the nation. He, and with the assistance of other members of the goverment, decided to arrange a vote on weather or not to join the micronation, the Empire of Austenasia, wich the majority of the micronation voted yes for. Thus, he and his goverment signed a paper, authorizing the annexation by Austenasia, and Harenfall, as a soveriegn Kingdom ceased to exist. Since the 25th of January 2015, he was the acting representative for Harenfall in the Parliament of Austenasia, during wich he proposed an act to establish a heraldic authority in the country. The act was passed, and he was made head of the institution he had proposed, the College of Arms as the "King of Arms". 

Personal LifeEdit

Jeffrey is interested in history, and focuses mainly on medieval and renaissance periods. Other interests include, archery, music, nature and fishing with nets. He is a keen muscician, and plays several instruments including the bombarde, the guitar, and the ocarina. 

Honours and AwardsEdit


  • Unironic empire Knight of The Order of The Golden Dragon
  • Σημαια Πριγκιπάτου Honorary Grand Duke of Imvrassia
  • RutheniaKnight of the Order of St. Stephen

Titles and stylesEdit

  • 2001 - 2013 "Sivert MacLean"
  • 2013 - 2015 "His Grace King Jeffrey the first of Harenfall
  • 2015 - 2015 "The Honourable, Sir Jeffrey MacLean KGD KOS GDI
  • 29th January 2015 - present "His Grace, Lord Jeffrey MacLean

​Full title His Grace, Lord Jeffrey MacLean, Duke of Redcaster, King of Arms, Honorary Grand Duke of Imvrassia, Knight of The Order of the Golden Dragon, and Knight of the Order of Saint Stephen

Seals, Arms, and Standards of Jeffrey MacLeanEdit


Banner of Jeffrey MacLean, adopted during his reign of Harenfall as King Jeffrey of Harenfall. Adopted as his personal standard later.


blazon of Jeffrey MacLean The shield was adopted during his reign as King of Harenfall, but after his abdication it has been used as a personal blazon.