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Republic of Skovaji

Capital city N/A
Largest city N/A
Official language(s) English
Evonian (Regional)
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Skovajian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Lord Wesley Wesley II
- Prime Minister Kerry Stapleton
Established 14 October 2014 (Initial declaration)
1 January 2016 (declared Independence from Paravia)
18 January 2016 (Independence recognized by Paravia)
Area claimed 0.505857 sq. km
Population c. 15
Currency Wesley (Official), British pound (de facto)
Time zone British Standard Time (BST)

Skovaji (skoʊvɑːrdʒiː; Evonian: Skovagee [skɒvædʒiː]), also known as the Republic of Skovaji (Govermantu Skovagee or Govermantu derivart hSkovagee), is a sovereign state in north-western Europe occupying an area between the UK city of Exeter and the village of Ide. The state shares its only land border with the United Kingdom, who do not recognise it as a seperate state. It is a unitary, parliamentary republic. The legislature consists of a lower house, Ofie derinvart hSkovagee (House of Representatives, lit. 'Office of Skovaji'), an upper house, Seanad derinvart hSkovagee (High Council, lit. 'Senate of Skovaji'), and an elected Lord Wesley who serves as the largely ceremonial head of state, but with some important powers and duties. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who is elected by the people and officially appointed by the Lord Wesley, and appoints other government ministers.

The state was created as the Nation of Bedroom in 2014 as a result of the Treaty of Sescession. The nation grew and enjoyed an era of relative prosperity until late 2014, when it suffered from an economic crash wiht they left from with only around an eigth of their former territory. In 2015, the Nation of Bedroom became Skovaji, and the claims were established as including Porthcothan, and its beach. It had the status of autonomus Paravian region until 2016 when a new constitution was adopted, in which the state was named "Republic of Skovaji" and effectively became a republic, with an elected non-executive president as head of state. It was officially declared a republic in January, following the Republic of Skovaji act 2016. Since then, the state has been legally protected as a republic, and the government is forbidden from making any changes.

Skovaji ranks among the top forty-five micronations in terms of internet influence, and for a short period in 2016 it was the founding (and only) nation in the short-lived Progressive Micronational Forum. Since 2016, the nation has achieved nominal recognition on Google Maps, and in Febuary it began the "bricks-and-mortar" program to make their claims more physical. Its popularity, however, is fairly low with other nations, due to the PMF's contentious actions against Pavlov.


pre-Nation of Bedroom

The land that Skovaji now occupies, and the land claimed before October 2015, was setteled by modern humans about 30,000 years ago. By the end of the region's prehistoric period, the population is thought to have belonged, in the main, to a culture termed Insular Celtic. No specific evidenec of any Celtic tribes ahs been found in Skovaji, although the regionw as a aprt of the Celtic domain of Dumnonoria. The Roman conquest, beginning in 43 AD was followed by an invasion by Germanic Anglo-Saxon settlers. During the Roman period, what is now Skovaji was unnocupied land about 3 miles away from a roman fortress called Isca Dumnonorium. The presence of the fort built up an unplanned civilian community (vicus or canabae) formed of natives and the soldiers' families, possibly including the land now claimed by Skovaji. This settlement served as the tribal capital for the local celts, who were ruled over by (rather than replaced by) the Romans.

The land making up the modern nation remained undevloped until the 1970s, when the UK-controlled Exeter Council built a series of dog bins, benches and signs on the pathways in the nation. Many of these - especially the ones in East Skovaji - have since fallen into disrepair.

In September 2014, a small area of land some distance away, in Exeter, was claimed as the territory of the newly formed "Republic of Bedroom". The nation claimed two-thirds of a bedroom in the city of Exeter. To protest against the formation of a new state without the consent of all the room's occupants, another small nation was founded, claiming the otehr half of the room. This state had no name, and no flag, but was retrospectively dubbed the "Wesley Kingdom", as its king would later become the Lord Wesley of the Nation of Bedroom, whilst the President of the Republic of Bedroom would become the Prime Minister of the Nation of Bedroom.

Nation of Bedroom

The Nation of Bedroom was founded in October 2014, with claims on the territories of both the so-called Wesley Kingdom and the Republic of Bedroom. The nation's claims expanded over the next two weeks to include more rooms in the same building, and over that period it adopted a flag and a basic governemnt structure; the nation had the Lord Wesley as a king, and a Prime Minister who ran the day-to-day affairs of the nation. The nation adopted most of its Wesley-based and pig-based imagary during this period (although mcuh of it was replaced with Evonian imagary in 2016), including the Wesley(as a currency), and the Weekly Wesley newspaper. In modern terms, the nation was a Wesleyist state.

Despite its relative smallness compared to micronations internationally, it developed a reasonable hegemony of several very small "micronations" (none of whihc would have achieved a 1 on David's Micronational Potential Index), and 2 larger micronations, The Demorcatic (which went defunct in 2015), and the Democratic Republic of Howe, who they are now allies with. Apart from the DRoH, all of these were part of the "Nation of Bedroom Economic Area", which was a single currency union created by the extension of the NoB's currency to other nations (comapre to the modern-day Wesley Union, which would have one, centrally-monitered currency).


As the fledgling nation's influence grew over its neighbors, the country (in what it called the Project Realistic Basis) decided to increase its land claims to include tracts of land in Barton Fields. However, the nation retracted these claims in favour of proposed claims on Porthcothan, a small Cornish village close to a holiday home owned by client state Alfieland. Under the pretence of a "merger", the nation annexed both Alfieland and part of Porthcothan, claiming that Alfieland had always claimed the village.

First republic of Skovaji

In February 2015, as part of the P.R.B., the nation was renamed "Skovaji", a mixture of two Cornish words meaning "safe haven" and "amity". At the time of the decleration, the republic's claims on Porthcothan only included 2 houses (Tigwella and the Carnevas Hotel), although by June they had been slowly expanded to include all of the village proper. The nation's main focus slowly shifted from the bedroom claims to those in Cornwall, at first as part of the P.R.B, but then later as a justification for withdrawing participation from its former neighbors, who the nation decided were small enough that continued fraternisation with them would endanger the progress of the P.R.B.

Whilst withdrawing cooperation with the smaller micornations around them, the government of Skovaji also elected to join the MicroWiki community, causing them to open diplomatic relations with the Republic of Nedland, a micronation that was then far more influential then Skovaji. When Nedland became an autonomous region of Paravia, they succesfully convinced Skovaji to join, despite this going against the politics of the ruling Evon faction. The legislative structure of the nation much more closely resembeled that of the Nation of Bedroom than that of the modern Skovaji, as the Lord Wesley (a title that remained essentially synonymus with "King") held around half of the power in the nation, and the Prime Minister (who was not elected) chose to swear his alleignec to one of multiple factions, the largest of which were the "Nobbbists" (who drew their name from the acroynym NoB for the Nation of Bedroom), who opposed the changes that the republic had brought, and wished to return to the Nation of Bedroom; the "Evon", the precursers to the Evon-Mortarists, who were the ruling faction and were responsible for most of the change wrought during the era; and the "Wikists" (later the Keiserdømmet), who advocated joining Paravia, but who otherwise gareed with the Evon on most issues, although their fundamental principles were different.

Despite the nation's Nation of Bedroom-like legislation, and its lack of influence within the micronational community, the period is recognised as representing a shift from the isolationist Nation of Bedroom to the Skovaji of today, as the nation moved from claims on the leader's house to larger claims in a different location, and of course teh nation's joining MicroWiki.

After joining Empire of Paravia

In October 2015, the nation joined the Empire of Paravia in order to increase trade opportunities with other nations. As such, the nation's government lost several powers and the head of state became Emperor Patrick I. During this period, Skovaji's politics shifted towards the left, with three of the eight main parties becoming Communist. In Novemeber, this culminated in the People's Revoloution of Skovaji, which was a sucess but handed power back to the Lord Wesley after two weeks of administration.

During the brief administration of the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State, the republic declared war on the Democratic Republic of Howe, starting the 45-minute-long Beale War, which ended in the signing of a peace treaty that would eventually become the basis for further cooperation between the nations. The government of AC Skovaji, although short-lived, was in some ways a success, and followed the Robot Socialism school of thought. Kerry Stapleton called the evntual faliure of the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist state, particulary in proving its worth against previously smalller micronations, "one of the greatest faliures of [his] career".
File:Skovaji location.png

In December, the nation decided to increase their claims to include the nearby Carnevas Holiday Park, and an area of countryside around the two places. Although this change had been discussed as far back as March 2015, the change only came into force with the ratification of the changed by the Lord Wesley, who had up until that point been unsure of what the consequences would be for the nation's basis for claims. The expanison in territory came as a suprise to the Evon-Mortarists, who had been actively campaigning for the country to abandon its claims in Porthcothan, which it of course did in 2016.

In January 2016, the nation left the empire in favour of "closer cooperation with our natural allies the Democratic Republic of Howe" [Lord Wesley], and although it was not a part of the official announcemtn, the choice was partaily down to the feeling that Paravia's relative insignificance in the wider community was imposing a glass ceiling on the nation.

Since 2016

In early 2016, the nation's claims were completely rewritten so that they no longer included any of the previous Porthcothan claims. Instead, a slightly larger area between the city of Exeter and the village of Ide was annexed, as it was far closer the PM and Lord Wesley's residence. At the same time, the nation also released a completely new version of their constitution, which notably included greater provision for the use of the Evonian language, greater inter-micronational cooperation, a more complex governemnt structure, a focus on brick-and-mortar claims and a constituational ban of joining larger nations or super-national federations: in short, it was a modern, nationalist agenda that seeked to make the nation's claims more viable.

In 2016, the nation faced humiliation due to the actions of the Progressive Micronational Forum. Although the P.M.F. was not technically run by Skovaji, Skovaji was the only nation in the group, and its "Diplomatic Organiser" (i.e. leader) was also the Prime Minister of Skovaji, essentially making it a nationalised organisation. As teh group tried to extend its influence beyond Skovaji, it took to the MicroWiki forums, where its extremist dedication to liberal and left-winged idealogies, as well as its war-mongering nature, angered many prominent memebers of the micronational community, tot he point where teh nation was featured on the front page of MicroWiki for its actions.

From April 2016 onwards, the nation has been in "Emergency Diplomacy Mode", as it tried to compensate for its actions under the guise of the Progressive Micronational Forum, and generally extend its reach diplomatically.


Skovaji is a hilly nation, with two main hills; one in the east, surrounded by a stream and the UK, and another in the wood. Due to the newness of the claims, the west of the nation ahs not yet been surveyed. The east, however, has been fairly well surveyed, and it is known that most of the land is either steep, muddy fields on the side of the hill, or in the valley of the stream, which creates a grassy, flat area, including Ofie Green and the GateClosed facility. The stream itself runs in a steep trench in the south, where it enters the UK, and in the North it begins in a small spring, known as Lake Pebble. The north of the stream is actually multiple small ponds and rindles, one of which leaves the area as the stream. Around these rindles, the area is fairly well defined by a ring of trees around the outside, and gravel surrounding the water.

Skovaji has no coast, and as far is surveyed has no other waterways.


Skovaji has a temperate climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round. The temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −11 °C or rising above 35 °C . The prevailing wind is from the south-west and bears frequent spells of mild and wet weather from the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic currents, warmed by the Gulf Stream, bring mild winters; especially in the west where winters are wet.

Administrative Geography

Skovaji is divided into two regions, East Skovaji and West Skovaji. the two regions are mostly for purpouses of travel and division, as they have no devolved parlaiments (in fact, there is no devoloution in Skovaji, as all members of government are allowed to vote on all issues). The issue of admistrative division is a complex one, as the nation had no counties unil it joined Paravia, instead having countries or being centrally governed, which means some within the nation resent the alleged divide-and-rule tactic of the government, beleiving it to be a relic of Parvian culture.

The Ofie and EXU representative for East Skovaji is Kerry Stapleton, whilst for West Skovaji it is Christy II.



Skovaji is a unitary, parliamentary republic, with a of a lower house, Ofie derinvart hSkovagee (House of Representatives, lit. 'Office of Skovaji'), an upper house, Seanad derinvart hSkovagee (High Council, lit. 'Senate of Skovaji'), and an elected Lord Wesley who serves as the largely ceremonial head of state, but with some important powers and duties. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who is elected by the people and officially appointed by the Lord Wesley, and appoints other government ministers.

The Ofie derivart hSkovagee (usualy just "the Ofie"), is the main elected body of Skovaji. Rather than including elecetd members of the public, this house rather contains a mixture of important foreign officials and party members, as people in Skovaji vote dricetly for a party, whose members take seats in the Ofie. The Ofie meets in either Ofie green, a small green in the north-east of Skovaji, or in the nearby school library, and its meetings are chaired by the Prime Minister. Elections to the Ofie happen once every 2 years.

The upper house of Skovaji, Seanad derinvart hSkovagee (usualy just reffered to in English as the "High Council"), a semi-elecetd body that runs the nation. The seats are tied to roles, and some of the roles are elected. Seats go to: The current president of the DRoH, The current emporer of Paravia, The current Lord Wesley of Skovaji, The current Prime Minister of Skovaji, The current Emporer of Myre. The High Council's main job is to ratify minor changes to the legal system, and to devlop plans for the nation. In short, the High Council decide which direction the nation ought to go in, and the Ofie are in charge of creating policy that move the nation in the correct direction.

Skovaji's head of state is officially the Lord Wesley, who is elected directly once every five years. Although his role is largely cerimonial, he retains some important powers, including the ability to block any law or international deal, the responsibility of awarding honours, and a seat at the High Council (which in practise, gives him most of his power). The Prime Minister, who holds most of the power in Skovaji, and who is also responsible for the upkeep of semi-private endeavors such as the newspapers and the website, is the leader of the elcted largest party. He is not elcted directly.

Political Schools

The current prevailing school in Skovaji is Evon-Mortarism, a school which combines elements of Evon culture with Mortarism, which states that although a strong online presence is important, it is equally important to develop a physical presence in the real world. At present, elemnts of this philosophy are protected by consitituation, especially against the Keiserdømmet (see below).

The second largest school is a remnant from AC Skoavji, Robot Socialsim. Robot Socailism states that with the increasing availablility of technology, a capitalism system could not function any further. Instaed, pooling resources and working together while technology does all of the work is the asnwer, allowing humanity to focus on more important issues, such as advanced sceince, space travel and societal progress. Unlike most far-left groups, they do not complain against teh axing of jobs, but instead think that every person should live suppourted by the state, whose jobs would be to provide all services and suppourt for the nation, and protect against danger, which would also reduce th eneed for politics. Some of the staunchest Robot Socialist would preefr a robot government to avoid corruption.

The Keiserdømmet is a significantly reduced school of though that advocates abandoning on-the-ground claims and liasing further with other nations, particulary joining Paravia or Austenisia. Despite this school's success in the first republic of Skovaji, the current consititution specificaly bans many of their desired outcomes. Interestingly, Patrick I of Paravia, who is allowed a seat on the high council, is not a Keiserdømmet.

A fourth set of ideas, Wesleyism, also exists,a lthough only certain Ofie memebers and the Lord Wesley stick to it. The idea of Wesleyism is fairly simple; return to the old, Nation of Bedroom-style imagary. The nation has been mostly purged of its old symbolism, as Evonism has replaced Wesleyism in most places. The philosphy advocates the increased use of Pigs, "Green Stars" and the term "Wesley", as is used now only on the currency, newspaper and the ruling title (previously it was used as a denonym and in many other contexts where "Skovajan", "Evon" or Evonian text is now used).

Law and criminal justice

Skovaji is a very liberal nation, and it was (for a short while), self-described as Anarchist. At present, Skovaji is essentially a night watchman state, with laws banning Murder, Theft and Drugs that are illegal in the UK. Likewise, it has a fairly lax system of punishment, insted preffering methods of rehabilitation or expelling the offenders from the nation. The nation does have a prison - GateClosed - although no-one has ever been inacrcerated, and it is capable of holding about 5 inmates.

Foreigen Relations

Skovaji is an unpopular nation in the community, due to its actions as part of the PMF. Likewise, the nation was fairly influential, although the people's revoloution of Skovaji caused a significant decline in international relations online and in the community. However, the nation has fairly friendly relations with Paravia, who they were formerlly part of, and the Democratic Repuiblic of Howe, who are their allies.

The nation has no official body soley for international relations, as after their humiliation at the hands of the detractors of the PMF, they have chosen to remian withdrawn form the community, instead focusing on brick-and-mortar work and developing the nation to the point where they are able to "show their face" in terms of teh community. However, the PM has been trying to establish relations with nearby or likeminded micronations.


Skovaji has no military, and officialy relies on the DRoH for military protection. In practise, however, the UK provides most military suppourt for the nation. this caused rather a stir when the Progressive Micronational Forum declared war on Pavlov, as Skovaji was the only member, and Skovaji has no military. Although the nation does not yet ahve armed forces, it still claims to be able to "declare war" ona nation, although this "war" would be entierly diplomatic, and would simply consists of heavy reporting and complaint against the nation.

The nation planned to found a military in late 2015, although the pacifist adminsitration of AC Skovaji shut down these attempts (despite later declaring war on the DRoH)


Science and technology

Skovaji's science and technology sector is limited, although it is one of the fastest growing aspects of the nation. The nation plans to undertake an insect audit in May, and the nation does have a weather forecasting service, Kerry's Meteorology. Skovaji's technological acheivemnts come formt he private sector; the DeltaPlanner project was first craeted in the nation,a nd Skovaji's branch of DeltaBrand also hold the patents to the DeltaRing, a product which would constitute the first true Smartring on the market (if it were devloped). Skovaji's lack of advanced scientific and technological achievments is a significant political concern at teh moment, and there are plans to open a university or somehow deveop the nationalsied sue of technology, perhaps including printed currency.


Skovaji's transport sector is virtually non-existant, however the issue is consitutionally "pinned", which means it must be discussed by the High Council until a conclusion is reached. The former Porthcothan Claims were fairly well served, with a First Kernow bus lik to the UK, and a government-built narrow gauge railway (running 5 metres along the beach).

Due to the hilly nature of Skoavji's land claims, it is considered too complicated to build a railway system (with the current level of technological devlopment). Although Skovaji does have roads, no-one on the High Council has access to cars or buses that might make upa nationalised transport sector. The current preffered system for Cargo Transport is helicopter, as Skovaji owns and operates a small helicopter by remote control. Also, the governemnt maintain roads in and out of the nation one amonth, which mostly includes a brief litter pick.

Private sector

There is only one private company in Skovaji, DeltaBrand. DeltaBrand is a technology company responsible for DeltaBin, a home trash compactor and water filter, DeltaPlanner, an automatic webmining and NFC software designed for schoolchildren, and DeltaRing, an as-yet unbuilt "Smartring" that would have no screen, and would be entierly powered by voice/hologram.


The currency of Skovaji is the Wesley, a free-floating currency that is hand-made in the nation. The Wesley is one of the few aspects of the nation's culture that originates directly from the Nation of Bedroom, and until 2016 the Wesley notes continued to feature depictions of the old flag, pigs and refernces to the "Lord King Wesley", a now-archaic name for the Lord Wesley. The change of the Wesley's deisgn, which happened in 2016, was a contentious one, as the new design was based far more on the new flag and its colour scheme, and had Evonian text. The new notes come in three varieties; one depicting the Lord Wesley raising the flag of the nation, one showing the nationa s having a seat at the EUN; and the last depicting the Evoninan proverb "Ti destren facade es ti heppen upnost" (To abandon pretence is to preserve dignity), which is soemtimes considered the nation's motto.

The Wesley also has coinage, Weslets, representing values below 1 Wesley. Unlike the notes, the coins are double-sided, with one side depicting the older, Nation of Bedroom-based imagary, including the phrase "Lord Wesley, the Great Weseloggler" (which is still a ceremonial title), a depictions of a pig, and the EUN flag, while the other shows modern, Evonian imagary, including an image of the laurel wreath.

The value of the Wesley is determined by: GBP in Bank of Wesley (£) ÷ Number of Wesley in circulation. This system, known as "The Skovajan Pump" (as in "inflation" and "deflation"), dates back to the Nation of Bedroom, when the nation wanted a simple way to craete a free-floating currency. The system is comparible to the Gold Standard, as the pounds in the bank of Wesley are used as gold, although in practise the Wesley is usualy assumed to be worth around 20p in terms of purchasing power, and the "exchange rate" is only useful for genuine exchange, and is not representative of the average cost of items.

AC Skovaji, uniquely for a communist state, did not abolish the Wesley, but rather kept it as a "keepsake" of the old nation.


Ethnic groups

There has been no racial surevy undertaken of Skovaji, although in general, most people are either White British or White Irish.


English is the main language used in Skovaji, although the invented Skovajan (or Evonian) language may be seen on signs and is spoken fluently by a minority of people. Skovajan is also used in a ceremonial context, with all governemnt departments named officially in Skovajan, and the term "Ofie" in common usage to describe the Ofie derinvart hSkovagee, or the lower house of Skovaji. A small number of Skovajan words are also used as part of the Skovajan dialect, althought he degree of usage varies from person to person. Official governemnt estimates state that around 11 words have made the jump, with the most common being "Sagu" for hello, "Mugaban" for business-like or professional-looking, and "Astranci Inva" and "Keshen Inva" being used for "Innaccesable area" and "Storage area".

Although they are not vernacular, knowlege of Spanish, German and French is common in Skovaji, with most residents being reasonably fluent in at least one of the three. The Skovajan government also skuomorphically releases some papers in Cornish, as the nation's claims used to be in Cornwall. The leader of the nation, the Lord Wesley, speaks English and Spanish, and the PM and two members of the High Council are fluent in Skovajan.


Cultural devlopment is considered to be a Skovajan strong point, witha score of 5 on the Mark-Dresner scale and many aspects covered, either naturally or constitutionally. The nation considers itself to be an Evon nation, although their culture also includes elemets of Celtic and Nordic ideas.


Three songs - Smashing Apples, Robot.ogg and Lore voices - are official in Skovaji, and around 10 have been written. One of these, Robot.ogg, is the de jure national anthem, although at most official events and functions Castles in the Sky is used instead. Skovaji's music is a growing sector, with 8 of the 11 songs written in the nation called "Skovlectric" songs. Skovlectric music inlcudes all of the music written in the nation after November 2015. The genere is charcterised by the use of limited vocals; multiple beat drops seperating two phases of the song; electrical noises, usualy long synths or repeated syncopated patterns; and a layered texture that adds and drops layers away from drops.


Two youtube channels are based in Skovaji, GrammarCommunist and RailwayScientist.

The first is a comedy channel, drawing its humour through a mixture of sarcastic comments on grammatical mistakes or poor adverts/tv shows, often accompanied by sarcastic refernces to soviet imagary, and genuine (if not dry) political commenatry on the UK and its main parties. The channel is very politically left and is also very liberal, although it is a fairly sharp critic of all of the main UK political parties, including Left Unity, TUSC and the Green Party.

RailwayScientist is a trains channel, which shows videos of trains. It was also responsible for the "Story of St. Davids" documentary movie.


Skovaji's main newspaper is the Weekly Wesley, and there is a planned collaberation with Kerry's Meteorology to create News Skovaji, a T.V. station. The newspaper, despite the name, has not been weekly since 2015, and is instead released with the coming of important events, such as international disagreements. The newspaper is printed on foolscap folio, although it is written in the style of a broadsheet newspaper.

Although no fictions has ever been published in Skovaji (or from Skovaji), the "BHH" series of fiction is being written. No publishing agencies exist in Skovaji, despite it being on the Isotoniae Corporation manifesto, as no books, fiction or otherwise, have ever been written.


Skovaji does not have any international sports teams, however they do have their own sport, Trampball. Trampball, also known as "Trampoline Netball", is a mixture of Basketball, Football and Netball played on a large trampoline.


Skovaji's principal symbol is the Laurel Wreath, which represents the nation's history. Originally it represented the "Fruits of a Nation", in the old flag, although now it is sued as a mark of the effor used to have the nation reach this stage. It is a principal symbol of Evonism, and (consequently), Evon-Mortarism. Alongside the Laurel Wreath, Skovaji is also represented by Skovajan Gravel, a material of which there is an abundance of in the nation. Gravel is used in the logo of News Skovaji, and also on the Republic of Skovaji webiste.

The orinal Nation of Bedroom (and the first Republic of Skovaji), were represented heavially by what now caracterises Wesleyism, including the use of the term "Wesley" in a far wider range of contexts, and the use of pigs as the nation's symbol. For example, the Parlaiment of Skovaji (now the Ofie)'s former logo was based on a pig snout. The ceremonial colour of the nation then was pink, although it is now a dark teal colour.


The Art of Skovaji is a mixture of Evon-derived and UK-style.


Evon art is usualy abstract lines and patterns that follow a simple mathematical rule. The simplist and most common of these patterns is the "Evowirl", a design based on an infinitely curved line crossing over itself at certain points. Likewise,

Recent Activities

As part of the bricks-and-mortar programme, the nation paid for the installation of two signs at the entrance to the nation informing walkers that they were entering the territory. In March 2015, these were removed due to extreme weather conditions. In June, the nation plan to open a PR stand, where they will give out Skovaji information leaflets and free food/water to dog-walkers and runners.

The nation foudned the Exeter Union (EXU) in March 2015, and the group meet at Ofie green..


The name Skovaji comes from the two Cornish words for safety and haven, refering to the country's aims of creating a place for people to live in peace. Cornish is one of two recognised minority languages (aside form English) in the nation, and most official documents for teh Cornish area are in such a language.

The national anthem, "My NOB", was named after the nation of bedroom, and in order to preserve the humour behind it the term "Nation of Beauty" has been adopted by the state as an officil nickname for the country.


The country began as a micronation, formed from the merger of two unrecognised states, the Republic of Bedroom and the Nation of Wesley. They merged into a single Nation of Bedroom, and began to make attempts at functioning as a country, although these were mostly unsucessful until thier annexation of a large segment of Porthcothan Bay. Around three months later, the Lord Wesley announced that after the general election the country would be known as Skovaji Republic, which was revised into the Republic of Skovaji.

The country at this point revised thier constitution for the first time, ensuring that thier legal system was closer to that of the UK, as to avoid any trouble in areas where the UK don't recognise their claims.


The country uses the Wesley, equal to ~20p, although in many areas, especially Porthcothan North, the Pound Sterling is used as teh primary currency. As such, the Royal Mint of the country claims the right to mint special edition pound notes, only spendable in the Nation of Bedroom (although as of 2015, only one such note has ever been issued, to celebrate the Lord Wesley's visit to London) These are pinned to the GBP at £1.

The Wesley is sustained by controlled minting and the Bank of Wesley, which stores money in pounds. This si a method comparable to the Gold Standard in the USA. The Wesley Party, as part of thier manifesto, pledged to remove such mesures and simply determine the value of the currency at whatever the goverment says, although they lost to the Socialist Union party and thus never put their plans to frution.


The Republic of Skovaji has two main "areas" of territory, further divisable into regions, and also has embassies within other countries in the Exeter UN.


  • Porthcothan North
  • Porthcothan South
  • Tigwella


  • Lab
  • Bedroom

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