Kingdom of Skuliya
Каралеўства Скулія
Flag of Skuliya
Skuliyan COA
Coat of arms

َ"Жыцце, без свабоды — нішто!"
"Life without freedom is nothing!"
"Няхай жыве Скулія"
Anthem of Skuliya

Capital city Loshitsa
Official language(s) belorussian
Official religion(s) christianity
Demonym skulian and skuliyans
Government constitutional monarchy
- King Evgeniy Kitikov
- Prime Minister Daniil Krasnitsky
- Chairman of the National Assembly Dmitry Malets
Legislature National Assambly
Area claimed 1.7 km²
Population 51

Skuliya (bel. Скулія) official name — Kingdom of Skuliya(bel. Каралеўства Скулія) — a country in Eastern Europe formed February 9, 2015. The form of government is a constitutional monarchy, the head of which is currently Kitik Eugene. Is the successor State Skulovtsev Kingdom, where there was a political crisis and as it happened the so-called White Revolution. After the existence of the republican form of government, about 7 months, citizens of the Republic chose to restore the monarchy in a referendum in 2016.


History by sources whine begins in 2003, according to some sources in 1999. When in 2003 on the territory of the small square formed neideesposobnoe state IQ citizens prefix "IQ" is preserved in the name of the State until 2011. The first ruler Cheeks said Valery Struzhko who is the director of the territory. Struzhko rules from the beginning of the base of the cheekbones until 2015, when he was deposed Kitik Eugene, who founded the dynasty Kitikovyh and became king. Kitikov was king Skulovtsev six months while the state has not occurred "White Revolution", according Kitikov Evgeniy defected to the rebels to save themselves for power. To date Kitik Eugene - former president of the cheekbones. After the referendum in the Skuliya, the newly proclaimed himself monarch.


The economy of the Skuliya, as in any economy micronations include production of stamps, postcards and other souvenirs.

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