Abbreviation Res.
Formation December 18, 2016
Official languages English
Head of Industry Joe Pearson
Key people Tyler Skywalker, Joe Pearson
Affiliations Empire of Skywalkistan, Intermicronational Union
Budget 620 USD
Staff 2
Volunteers 0
Former name Skywalkistan Corporation (12/17/16)

Reslpendence is the industry that provides for the Empire of Skywalkistan. It currently produces flags (£30-£400), music (£.50-£2), videos (free! with ads), generic services, and food (£3-£50). Starting on 8/25/17, Resplendence will produce Skywalkistani Uniform Helmets, which mold to the user's head.

Share/ Stocks

Stocks are currently at £10 for 1%. This is about $9.70 for 1%. It is illegal for the Empire of Skywalkistan to have less than 50% plus one share (whatever one share is at that time).

Owner Percent
Empire of Skywalkistan
97 / 100
Republic of Wynaan
2 / 100
United Federation of Fornelos
1 / 100

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