Slavania Republic
Russian: Славяния

"Ни Шагу Назад!" ("Ni Shagu Nazad" - No Step Back)
Sazan Island, Nugent Island, Battleship Island
Capital city Tsaregrad, Sazan Island
Official language(s) Russian, English (Greek, Serbian, French are recognised minority languages)
Demonym Slav, Slavanian
Government Constitutional Republican Democracy
- Head of Government President
- Country Codes SLA (trigram), SV (digram)
Area claimed 5.7 sq km (only Sazan)
Population Census coming soon
Currency Euro
National animal Imperial Eagle
Internet Domain .sv (proposed)

Slavania is a micronation located on several islands across the world.


The name Slavania (Slavjanija in Russian) comes from the word Slav/Slavic and the Latin suffix -ia, which means "the land of". Translated to English, the country's name means "the land of the Slavs". Slavania is a unique nation. Attractive to Slavic people, but at the same time tolerant towards other nations. One doesn't have to be neither Slavic, nor Christian to feel at ease in Slavania.

History & StatehoodEdit

The independence of the Republic of Slavania was declared on July 7th, 2011. Slavania bases its independence on the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, which sets out the definition, rights and duties of statehood. Most well-known is article 1, which sets out the four criteria for statehood: The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states. Furthermore, the first sentence of article 3 explicitly states that "The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states."

Government & PoliticsEdit

Slavania is a state with a republican form of government. It is a direct democracy, since legislative and executive power is exercised by the people through public meetings. The people elect a President who presides over these meetings and settles disputes at court trials. He serves a term of four years. Apart from this, he also signs international agreements, recognises foreign states, appoints ambassadors and confers honours. The administration of the state and civil rights of its citizens are stipulated by the Constitution of Slavania. The public policies of the state follow the principles of the rule of law and justice.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Slavania recognises the Russian Federation in its full borders, supports it fully in its diplomatical struggle to protect its suvereignity. Subenia does not seek recognition from sovereign states, but would like to receive recognition from Russia. On the micronational plan Slavania leads a moderate peaceful policy and is ready to recognise all micronations that respect the basic civil rights and diplomatic principles.

Territory & LocationEdit

Slavania is located on many Islands such as Sazan Island, Nugent Island and Battleship Island.

Sazan Island seen from Vlora, Albania.

Sazan Island ( 40º30'N 19º17'E ) is an island near Albania with an area of 2,2 mi2 ( 5,7km2). It lies between the Strait of Otranto and the entrance to the Bay of Vlora. Nugent Island ( 29º13'54S 177º52'09W ) is an island north of New Zealnd. It is circular and approximately 100m (109yd) across. Battleship Island, an island located in the seas of Japan, about 15 km from Nagasaki.

Battleship Island, view from Space.

It became a "Ghost Island" after Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the local mines in 1974. The governement of Slavania announced its wish to rebuild the island as soon as it becomes affordable.


Dual and multiple (up to 5) citizenship is accepted by the Slavanic Governement. One can keep its original citizenship of his/her country of birth and the citizenship(s) of other micronations he possesses. One isn't obliged to reside or visit the territory of Slavania to apply for citizenship. One can apply for Slavanic citizenship by e-mailing the Governement:

An official document will be issued by the Governement upon becoming a full citizen of Slavania Republic.

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