Slin Conservation Mynystry
Slinky conservation
approval date TBA
positions conservation, natural resources, land surveying, national forests/parks
main task Making Slin a better place
 Slin Conservation Mynystry is a new Slin business/ministry project currently in development.


The goal of the project is to establish an organized Slin business to preserve and improve Slin. Some future projects may include:

  • Establishing National forests within Slin.
  • Clean up Departments. Such as: removing trash from Slin land, installing trash recepticles, ect.
  • Promoting the Empyre of Slin.
  • Getting Slin citizens more active within the Empyre.

The Slin Conservation Mynystry would help promote Slinnysh tourism, and attract more people to the Empyre.

File:Slin Conservation Mynystry

Project Development

The Slin Conservation Mynystry is currently in the process of becoming an official Slin Busyness. Below is a list of events concerning the Mynystry's development:

  • June, 8, 2013 Vyceroy Hayden Johnson of Hayland proposes a new Slin Busyness concerning natural/wildlife conservation within Slin. Kyng states that when the time comes, he may draft a royal declaration for the new Slin business.


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