Format online newspaper
Type monthly
Owner Flag of the Slinky Empyre Slinky Education, Slin
Editor Hayden Johnson
Founded June 18, 2010
Political Allegiance Hayland Department, Slinky Empyre
Language(s) Slin-Englysh?
Distributor(s) Slinkyeducationflag Slinky Education
Distributed In Flag of the Slinky Empyre Slinky Empyre

Slinky Monthly is a Slinky newspaper based in Hayland Department and established by Slinky Education. It is currently being written by Vyceroy Hayden Johnson and Anders, both Haylandic citizens.



Slinky Empyre

diplomacy, Kyng, Parliament, offices and positions

education, tourism, treasury, military, post

Saint Rychard Dpt., Herway Dpt., Llabdey Dpt., Tyncomarus Dpt., Hookwood Dpt.,
Amono Dpt., Lookout Dpt., Hayland Dpt., Sarenai Dpt.,
Tergumterra Dpt., Sumac Dpt., Iyabi Dpt., Georgeton Dpt., Haynes Dpt.

language, symbols, Slinky Award of Appreciation, Royal Pryze, Slinky Science Instytute
Micronational Activity Review, Micronational Monthly, Slinky Monthly

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