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Slinky Parliament
Type unicameral
Dyrector Kyng Fyrst
Members 4 Heads of Parliament
Political groups Eco-Slin's Party, Fyrst Parliamentary Party, Georgeton Party, Progressive Party of Slin, Slinky Freedom Party, Slinky Party
Meeting place
to be determined
Web site

The Slinky Parliament is the legislative branch of the Slinky Empyre. It is unicameral, and consists of the Slinky Heads of Parliament, who each represent their parliamentary party. All parliamentary parties are approved by the Kyng or Queen, and each party has only one Head elected every year by the members of the party.

Parliamentary proclamations

A parliamentary proclamation is a decision made by a one-half majority of all Slinky Heads of Parliament, which results in one of the following:

  • overruling any royal proclamation
  • declaration of war
  • pardoning a citizen of the Slinky Empyre
  • ending banishment of a former Kyng or Queen

Any Head of Parliament may make a request to Parliament to perform one of the following actions. Parliament will then have a session at noon of the next possible day when all Heads of Parliament can vote. Each Head must vote "yes" or "no" on the request. If more than 50% vote in favour of the request, the request becomes a parliamentary proclamation.

Parliamentary elections

If a candidate is running for the office of Kyng or Queen, he or she will win the election if every Head of Parliament votes for that person.

Parliamentary parties

main article: Parliamentary parties of the Slinky Empyre
flag/logo name Head leader membership approval date designated color
Theparty1 Slinky Party (to be determined) André Sammut 2 July 5, 2010 orange
FyPaP Fyrst Parliamentary Party Kyng Fyrst Kyng Fyrst 1 July 6, 2010 royal blue
Proposed ICA Symbol & Flag Slinky Freedom Party Parker I Parker I 1 July 9, 2010 green
Eco-Slin's Party Kuri I Kuri I 1 July 29, 2010 light green
Progressyveparty Progressive Party of Slin (to be determined) Tom Turner 2 July 31, 2010 purple
Georgeton Party Dakoda George Dakoda George 2 December 22, 2010 black

Approved but abandoned

flag/logo name leader membership approval date designated color
LeagueFlagOneSmall League of Communists of the Slinky Empyre Mark Meehan 0 July 9, 2010 red
Libertarian Party of Slin William Danforth 0 July 21, 2010 gold

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