This article is about the original Slinky Empyre. For the current micronation see Slin.

Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy
Flag of the Slinky Empyre

A Friendly Nation
march: The Slinky March
Capital city Saint Rychard Dept.
Official language(s) Slin-Englysh
Demonym Slin
Government Parliamentary monarchy
- Kyng HIM Tsar Kuri I.
Established December 31, 2008
Area claimed ~ 136.7 acres
Population 22
Currency none, slink used in Hayland)
Membership: HUN, MASC, UAMW, UWM, MUSC

Official website

The Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy (short form: Slinky Empyre), also called the Slinky Empyre, was a micronation in North America and Europe, and was bordered by the United States of America, the Empire of Austenasia, the Dominion of Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Malta, the Federal Republic of Rukora, the Republic of Secundomia, and the Republic of Nemkhavia. Its only ruler was Kyng Fyrst, who founded the nation.

The nation fell into crisis in January 2011, and seemed to be inactive. Many nations called themselves successors of Slinky or claimed territory of Slinky Empyre, but all were unsupported by other micronations. The Tsar of Monovia and Karl I of the Archduchy of Lurk began a Desperate attempt to find the former Slin leader. Ironically, within a few weeks the old Slin leader returned to the Internet.


First documents


The Ten Crymes document. (photograph digitally edited for security)

The four documents of the Slinky Empyre set up its government. These documents are meant to be firm and unchanged.

On December 31, 2008, the Slinky Document was signed by Kyng Fyrst, declaring the beginning of the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy. The document lays out the basic foundation of the nation, including its name, type of government, royalty, the Emblem, and the rules of Parliament. The Ten Crymes document was signed in 2009. It laid out the following ten actions that should not go unpunished if done intentionally: torture, murder, adultery, fraud, discrimination, vagrancy, theft, disobedience, overwork, and gluttony. The Ten Laws document, signed in 2009, further explained Slinky law. It limits the power of the Kyng and Parliament, lays out rules for citizens to follow, explains the process of going to war, and more. The Ten Ryghts document was signed in 2009. It gives all citizens ten rights that shall not be taken away, including: the right to believe anything, the right to have fun, the right to be happy, and the right to learn.

Approving businesses

Following the four documents, Kyng Fyrst started signing certificates of approval for businesses. The Slinky Treasury was first, then came Tourism and Education. In June 2009, the SSS was started with the approval of the Slinky Police business. The Slinky Air Force came later.

Royal proclamations

In the Slinky Empyre, all long-term decisions are written and signed into law in the form of royal proclamations. According to law, no more than 100 royal proclamations can be in effect at once. Today, a total of four proclamations are currently in effect. The foreign policies of the Empyre were made official on the second one, while the fifth concentrated more on the political organization of Slin: it determines a minimum number of voters in royal, viceroyal, and parliamentary elections. The first one, however, focused on money and barter for use only in foreign trade.

Foreign relations

The Slinky Empyre does not sign alliances, and refuses to bind itself and other nations to written terms. Rather than formal alliances, the nation chooses to form relations with other nations in the form of informal friendships. Currently, sixty-three nations are friends of the Slinky Empyre.

The month of June has been declared a Slinky "Month of Dyplomacy", so the nation can focus on foreign relations in that period.


The Univist Universal War began on April 26, 2010, when the United Univist States declared war on every micronation and macronation in the world, including the Slinky Empyre. Kyng Fyrst, who was responsible for declaring war since Slinky Parliament was not active, chose to categorize the conflict as "cyber war", and therefore did not declare war against the UUS. This war ended on May 4, 2010.

On October 8, 2010, an alert from Vyceroy Joseph Allen of Iyabi Department informed the Royal Offyce of an attack on his department from a large group brandishing weapons.

Legacy and plans to revive (2011-present)

On April 6, 2012 Danland claimed parts of the Slinky Empyre from various micronations, which led into various trouble with other micronationalists, notably Sebastian Linden and Daniel Anderson of Scirocco. It wasn't until the king of Juclandia knew to him that it had already been claimed by other micronationalists, a thing he didn't know about. But 2 days later, Danland ended the claim.

Since the collapse, Kyng Fyrst received many requests from micronations to join the Empyre, or revive it. In April, Kyng Fyrst returned to micronationalism, and he announced his plans to revive the Empyre. On 24 June 2012, the King of Daniel-Land (as Danland was now to be called) replied to Kyng Fyrst that in order to revive the Slinky Empyre he needed to ask the micronations that currently parts owned previously claimed by the Slinky Empyre in order to revive it.

Government and politics

The Empyre is governed by the Kyng or Queen, whose power is limited by the Parliament (if number of parliamentary parties > 3). The only political parties recognized by the government are parliamentary parties, which all have equal power in Parliament. The Kyng or Queen may be elected by citizens or crowned by the previous Kyng or Queen. Departments may be governed by a Vyceroy or Vycereine with power nearly equivalent to Kyng or Queen, except with the limit of 25 departmental proclamations and no appointed Parliament for their department unless approved by the Kyng or Queen.

The Slinky Empyre's legal system borrows ideas from many different forms of government, but mainly monarchy and democracy.


The power is given to the Kyng (male) or Queen (female), who is the ruler of the Slinky Empyre. Unless otherwise noted in law, the Kyng or Queen has total authority. He must obey the law as any other citizen, must be removed from office if he becomes a criminal, and may be removed from office by Parliament or by a popular vote of the citizens.

Any long-term decisions of the Kyng or Queen must be written in the form of a royal proclamation, and there shall be no more than 100 royal proclamations at one time. Proclamations, however, can be repealed by the Parliament.

To hold the office of Kyng or Queen, one of the following must take place:

  • Resigning the kingship or queenship, the incumbent Kyng or Queen may crown another citizen the new Kyng or Queen.
  • Over half of citizens (if population > 5) of the Slinky Empyre vote for a person to become Kyng or Queen.
  • The incumbent Kyng or Queen may no longer serve as Kyng or Queen, and a person is next in royal succession.


Flag of Oak Department

The shield of James Puchowski was an element of the flag of Oak Department.

A Vyceroy (male) or Vycereine (female) is the ruler of any department in the Slinky Empyre. A Vyceroy or Vycereine has the same power to his department as a Kyng or Queen to the Slinky Empyre; however, the Kyng or Queen may overrule any of a Vyceroy's or Vycereine's decisions. The Kyng or Queen appoints Vyceroys or Vycereines at first, with popular elections of the department's citizens possibly following.

There is a limit of 25 viceroyal proclamations at one time for any department.


A Lord (male) or Lady (female) of a district may declare a zone in the district to rule under the department's Vyceroy or Vycereine and the Slinky Empyre's Kyng or Queen.



There must be a minimum of four parliamentary parties; otherwise, the Kyng or Queen acts as Parliament.

A Slinky Head of Parliament is a representative of a parliamentary party in Slinky Parliament. Heads of Parliament shall be elected by the members of their parliamentary parties according to the party's constitution.

There is currently one parliamentary party in the Slinky Empyre, but at least four must be active for Parliament to be valid.


A president of a business is in charge of maintaining the business and setting up its structure. A president should make sure workers are performing their tasks, and make sure that workers are healthy while serving. Presidents are appointed by the Kyng or Queen.


A Knyght (male) or Dame (female) may work for a Slinky business without becoming a Slinky citizen.



Trees visible in Hayland Department's National Forest.


Scenery in Llabdey Department.

The Slinky Empyre's administrative divisions are known as departments. Each department may be governed by a Vyceroy (male) or Vycereine (female), whose decisions may be overruled by the Kyng or Queen under certain conditions.

Saint Rychard Department was informally annexed during the 2009 government shutdown. Herway Department was informally annexed on the shutdown's last day. These first two departments were officially annexed on May 30, 2009. Llabdey Department was annexed with the help of the Landashir'n government, and James Puchowski was appointed as its Protector (a viceroyal position). Tyncomarus Department was annexed on January 26, 2010. Hookwood Department was annexed on February 12, 2010. Amono Department was annexed on April 12, 2010. Lookout Department was annexed on May 6, 2010, with Nicolas Cowfart appointed as its Vyceroy. Hayland Department was annexed on Jun 17, 2010, with Hayden Johnson appointed as its Vyceroy, but is now not apart of our nation. Sarenai Department was annexed on July 5, 2010, with André Sammut appointed as its Vyceroy. Tergumterra Department was annexed on July 6, 2010, with Parker I appointed as its Vyceroy. Sumac Department was annexed on July 17, 2010, with Kuri Adranit appointed as its Vyceroy. Iyabi Department was annexed on August 16, 2010, with Joseph Allen appointed as its Vyceroy. Georgeton Department was annexed on December 8, 2010, with Dakoda George appointed as its Vyceroy. Haynes Department was annexed on December 13, 2010, with Quinn Kasbar appointed as its Vyceroy.

The location of Saint Rychard Department, the Slinky capital, is currently confidential due to security reasons. Because the Herway and Amono Departments are nearby the capital, their locations are also being kept undisclosed. However, both departments are on the continent of North America, and both surrounded by the United States of America. Saint Rychard Department is entirely composed of the Royal Offyce structure, and gets no precipitation. Herway Department is entirely covered by Anthylls National Park, and gets approximately 11.8 inches of rain annually. Llabdey Department is located in Buckinghamshire, England. Tyncomarus Department is located in Carshalton, England. Hookwood Department is srrounded by the Principality of Rukora in former English territory. Amono Department is nearby Saint Rychard Dept., but surrounded by the United States. Lookout Department is within the American state of Idaho. Hayland Department is within the American state of Minnesota. Sarenai Department is located on Malta. Tergumterra Department's location is currently confidential for Secundomian security reasons. Sumac Department is located in southern Ontario. Iyabi Department is located within the southeastern United States. Georgeton Department is located within the Midwestern United States. Haynes Department is located by Spokane within the Northwestern United States.

Slinky Royal Time, usually referred to by its abbreviation SRT, is the time zone in Saint Rychard, Herway, Amono, and Lookout Departments. It is currently set at UTC-6 hours. Eastvale Time (EVT) is the time zone used in Llabdey, Tyncomarus, and Hookwood Departments. It is currently set at UTC+1 hours. Hayland Time (HLT) is the time zone in Georgeton, Hayland, Iyabi, and Tergumterra Departments, set at UTC-5 hours. Saint John the Baptyst Time (SJT) is the time zone in Sarenai Department, set at UTC+2 hours. Sumac Tyme (SCT) is the time zone in Sumac Department, set at UTC-4 hours. Haynes Tyme (HYT) is the time zone in Haynes Department, set at UTC-7 hours.

flag name Vyceroy/Vycereine abbreviation annexation date recorded population land area
Flag of Saint Rychard Department Saint Rychard Department Kyng Fyrst SR May 30, 2009 1 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Herway Department Herway Department Kyng Fyrst HW May 30, 2009 1 ~ 0.5 acres
Flag of Llabdey Department Llabdey Department James Puchowski (Protector) LL September 3, 2009 1 ~ 47.6 acres
Flag of Tyncomarus Department Tyncomarus Department Margaret Austen TM January 26, 2010 1 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Hookwood Department Hookwood Department Tom Turner HK February 12, 2010 1 ~ 8.5 acres
Flag of Amono Department Amono Department Kyng Fyrst AO April 12, 2010 1 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Lookout Department Lookout Department Nicolas Cowfart  LO May 6, 2010 2 unknown
Flag of Sarenai Department Sarenai Department André Sammut SA July 5, 2010 1 ~ 0 acres
Noflag Tergumterra Department Parker I TT July 6, 2010 1 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Sumac Department Sumac Department Kuri Adranit SC July 17, 2010 1 ~ 0 acres
Flag of Iyabi Department Iyabi Department Joseph Allen IY August 16, 2010 5 ~ 2 acres
Flag of Georgeton Department Georgeton Department Dakoda George GE December 8, 2010 2 ~ 75 acres
Noflag Haynes Department Quinn Kasbar HY December 13, 2010 2 ~ 2.1 acres
see also: Former departments of the Slinky Empyre


In the Slinky Empyre, all citizens must be part of at least one business. The Slinky Empyre tries to provide as many different useful career opportunities as possible to provide citizens with more options. If citizens do not specify which business they would like to join, they are automatically placed in Police.

flag name requirements president approval date
Slinkytreasuryflag Slinky Treasury Slinky citizenship, calculating, reading, writing, source of income Kyng Fyrst January 31, 2009
Slinkytourismflag Slinky Tourysm Slinky citizenship, friendliness Kyng Fyrst February 14, 2009
Slinkyeducationflag Slinky Education Slinky citizenship, learning Kyng Fyrst May 30, 2009
Slinkypoliceflag Slinky Police Slinky citizenship, loyalty, obedience Kyng Fyrst June 17, 2009
Slinkyairforceflag Slinky Air Force Slinky citizenship, loyalty, piloting skills Kyng Fyrst June 30, 2009
Slinkypostflag Slinky Post Slinky citizenship, reading, writing Kyng Fyrst July 20, 2010


The first royal proclamation banned the use of money between citizens of the Slinky Empyre, and reserved trade only between Slin and other nations. The resolution was repealed in June 2010 due to economic development plans in Hayland Department. Shortly afterward, Hayland began using a bartering system, and later adopted a currency known as the slink. both of which were/are currently the only known form of an economy in the Empyre.


The Slinky military is known as the Slinky Securyty Society, or SSS. Currently, the Police and Air Force are the only divisions of the SSS.

If a person becomes a citizen of the Slinky Empyre without specifying a preferred business, they will enter the police business by default. At any time, they may change their job if they wish.

An air force base has been established in Amono Department, and a small airport is located in Saint John the Baptyst Department.

International awards

OAM logo The Slinky Empyre is a recipient of the Organisation of Active Micronations Award for Diplomatic Excellence.

OAM logo The Slinky Empyre is a recipient of the Organisation of Active Micronations Award for Political Excellence.

Birdgrg The Slinky Empyre is a recipient of the Friendliest Nation Award in Garagstan.



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