The Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy is protected by the Slinky Securyty Society, or SSS, a law-enforcing group of businesses in the Slinky Empyre. Currently, the Police and Air Force are the only businesses in the SSS. The flags of SSS businesses are blue, triangular designs to be distinguished from the regular white, square designs.

Slinky Police

Slinky Police
approval date June 17, 2009
positions officer
main task to enforce law and protect citizens

The Slinky Police currently maintains all military operations on the ground and legal tasks such as court cases. Being the largest business in the Empyre, it is active in all thirteen departments.

Court cases

  • Slinky Empyre v. Slinky Treasury was held in February 2009. The president of treasury, a treasurer himself, had failed to meet the weekly quota of United States dollars. The president was sentenced to pay back four times his debt to the Slinky Empyre, while the Slinky Empyre entered a three-and-a-half-month government shutdown.
  • Slinky Empyre v. Wylliam Danforth is was held in October 2010. William Danforth, Vyceroy of Escurus Department and president of the postal service, had lied regarding the existence of Saint John the Baptyst Department and the government of Escurus Department. The two departments were dis-annexed, and William Danforth was removed from all royally-appointed positions in the Slinky Empyre for six months. He will be eligible for these positions on April 14, 2011, if Kyng Fyrst is still in office.

Slinky Air Force

Slinky Air Force
approval date June 30, 2009
positions pilot
main task to enforce law and protect citizens

The Slinky Air Force maintains all military operations in the air and provides aircraft for the Empyre. The SAF also maintains Sohcahtoa Air Force Base in Amono Department. Seven aircraft are currently in use:

  • SAF-0101 Patetopian
  • SAF-0102 Emperor
  • SAF-0103 Petorian
  • SAF-0104 Secundomian
  • SAF-0105 Angadorian
  • SAF-0106 Progolian
  • SAF-0107 Rukoran

The 2010 Diplomacy Air Show featured the above seven aircraft in honor of allied nations of the Slinky Empyre.

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