Flag of Slyndonia. The cross symbolizes unity. The blue symbolizes the Slyndonian sky. The Yellow symbolizes the Prarie of Slyndonia

The Slyndonia Republic was founded March,10,2011. Slyndonia Republic was the former Slinky Republyc, but a law was passed that told everyone who had their own micronation to go back to their their land. So the only person left to run the Slinky Republyc was Hayden L Johnson, former governor of Hayland Department and now Prime Minister of Slyndonia Republic.

Population of Slyndonia


Number of citizens


Kapitolo two citizens March ,10,2011 seven citizens of 3/10/11
Nova Espero two citizen March,10,2011 four citizens of 4/24/2011
Alia three citizen March,10, 2011
Kapitolo Two citizens April, 24,2011
Nova Espero two citizens April,24,2011

History of Slyndonia

Main article: History of Slyndonia

Slyndonia was first founded on March 10, 2011. It was the former Slinky Rypublic, but after the republic passed a law stating that all people that had their own micronation was to return to it. So Hayden L. Johnson, former governor of Hayland department, was the only one left. Since he was in charge, he changed the name to Slyndonia, and has changed the constitution a bit. Slyndonia has a total population of seven. Slyndonia has just revised the constitution, and is currently workign on banknotes for their people. The first Prime Minister of Slyndonia is Hayden L. Johnson. He is currently working to make Slyndonia a better place.

Culture of Slyndonia

The culture of Slyndonia has many things. The population of Slyndonia are mostly Norweigian, and German. Slyndonia have a mixed culture of Nordic and American, but mostly American. The state religion of Slyndonia is Christianity. Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are all banned religions. Slyndonia both speaks Esperanto and English. English is the official language.

Adventure Fellows

In Slyndonia many citizens are in a Nature club called "Adventure fellows" Below is a video slide show of there club. The Adventure fellows or A.F is an international club that anyone can be appart of. It is a great addition to any micronation. You can find out more information on how ot make a A.F club at:

Adventure fellows00:00

Adventure fellows

Districts of Slyndonia

There are currently two districts dividing Slyndonia. The first of is the Kapitolo district. It is the capitol of Slyndonia. Kapitolo is Capitol in Esperanto. The second district is Nova Espero district. It includes much of the forest in Slyndonia.

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