Western Frankia, officially The Socialist Empire of Frankia, is a self-proclaimed micronation.

Socialist Empire of Frankia


"to the death!"----

Anthem guerre,guerre,vent,vent

Capital City 

Dunon Gallus

Official Language(s) French
State Religion Judaism, Catholiscm
Government Imperial Socialist Monarchy
- Emperor  Leo the First (1er)
- High Commander Louveaux
Legislature National Assembly
Established September 17, 2010‎
Area claimed 2 km² (.77 mi2 ; 494 ac)
Population 30
Currency Gaulish Denier
National sport Kendo
National animal Eurasian Red Fox

Founded on February 28, 2015, by the Emperor and High Commander Louveaux, it replaced the empire put in place on December 15th 2014.


The term Frankia comes from the fact that the territory lies in the area formerly called the Kingdom of Francia in the Early Middle Ages.


Before the revolution King Floki, leader of the exiled people of Gaul, created a new nation called Ulfrland. It grew, and eventually defeated the Duchy of Linsbourg, and therefore became a emergent faction in its area. The king was wrongly advised, and one day decided to tax the poor. That decision caused the November Revolution. The king left, and the revolutionary leader controlled Ulfrland, but was evil and greedy with the people. The revolution started again, but this time to put a new monarch in place. Floki declined to regain king's rights. Then they proposed to his cousin Leo, Commander of the Legion of the King, to take the throne. He accepted, and his first decision in office was to change the name to Western Frankia. He then proclaimed himself Emperor. After a few months, the Emperor with his ministers decided to turn the empire into a Socialist Monarchy, so the Emperor has as much power as two deputies in the assembly, as there is no leader it is ecclesiastic nation.

Government & Politics

The empire is governed by The Assembly, composed of five citizens. It governs the whole nation except for the colonies, which are ran by a local leader. The goverment has assembeld four ideas to create "the party of the people":

It has heavy influences of Anarchism, Marxism, Bonapartism, and Socialism.

Foreign Relations

Since the old times. The Iga Shogunate has been the greatest ally of Frankia (formerly Ulfrland). They have always sent regiments and money to the nation. Frankia does the same.


Soldiers are equipped with a BB shotgun or a bow and arrow. They must have the same army coat of an Ushanka and a F1 helmet, and in the summertime they wear a Viet Cong helmet. There are three regiment, all have five soldiers: a sniper, three regulars and one captain and an architect to build a fort when soldier are on missions. The army is controlled by the emperor .


French culture is the biggest influence on Frankia. Since the alliance with the Iga Shogunate, Shinto shrines have been built in the capital. Most of the population is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Shinto, and Buddhist. The village of Chesne Ville has a museum of art .

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