Socialist Federation of Kloud
Flag Removed by Request of Chief of Kloud

"Thy shall not slay thee whom of which have destroyed only so little of worth."
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Socialist Kloud
Demonym SFK
Government Socialist Democracy
- High Supreme Ruler of Kloud Solare Captoire
- Chief of Kloud Treich Artoc
- Last election - 3/27/2013
Established 1/2/2010
Population 36
Currency Kloudines
National sport Typing Races
National dish Bacon Kraut
National drink Vodka/Rum Mix
National animal Felis Domesticus (Common House-Cat)

The Socialist Federation of Kloud was originally founded sometime in 2009, however not public until October 16, 2014.

The SFK is a very socialist-democratic nation consisting of 36 (since 10/17/2014) members solely basing their government as a democracy. They believe in Marxism, as for they want order and prosperity throughout everyone's homes and their families and to serve fairness to the people of lower class.


The Socialist Federation of Kloud seems to have a democracy for elections. Using all of the sources found, it seems to run like this:

  1. Hold Small Private Voting of 5 randomly selected Citizens to vote on who will be the 2 candidates for the Chief
  2. The High Supreme Ruler will then approve both candidates, if fails, it goes back to step 1
  3. The candidates are publicly announced
  4. The rest of the citizens vote on who to win the election, however the first 5 may not vote, neither may any elites vote because of influence.
  5. If there is a tie, 1 elite may vote to break the tie.

The SFK seems to have 3 elites, the High Supreme Ruler which acts as the king, the Chief which acts like a general in all areas of war, and then the Legal Officer, or prime minister, handles the rest of the nation that neither the High Supreme Ruler nor the Chief handle largely. Each office is kept for a lifetime, until death. Resignation is not possible unless the High Supreme Ruler allows so.


It seems that the SFK has very little culture themselves, they are somewhat like Canadians but Americans in terms of culture and foods. They do generally have odd national dishes and drinks, but the general food eaten is normally what they decide to have since the SFK doesn't have much original culture.

The SFK is mostly christian, however there are still the 32% that aren't christian and are of another or aren't of any religion. They do celebrate Christmas, but not much for neither Halloween nor Aeroxiana's Caturday.

The founding of Kloud

The history of the SFK can be traced back to Aeroxiana's birth. The SFK branched from Aeroxiana a while back when there were only 5 members. 2 of the 5 members created SFK due to the lack of government at first. However, the SFK branched off without anyone but Treich Artoc and Solare Captoire, the founders, knowing. Aeroxiana to this day is generally unaware of this, except for the King himself. Aeroxiana's 2 highest elites have known of the SFK and have ignored it due to their general secrecy and their nearly-none influence.

Current day kloud

The SFK is currently a small, and secretive of their existence. It is considered to be a secret society, but is not to be seen as one. They generally like the secrecy because they can perform espionage on other nations without the other nations noticing. They have a great force of 5 soldiers who are all trained to fight to the death. The rest of the citizens work to try to increase the nation's GDP, health-care, productivity, and much more that will help the overall nation.

Aeroxiana's Action on Kloud

Aeroxiana, the nation the SFK has come from, is not aggressive, but not very friendly with the SFK. The Aeronians consider them a "splinter" into their nation's government and believe it must be taken down. However, the king believes that we can set mutual benefits with each other and perhaps we can possibly reach out with the Kloudians, however all actions on the SFK have been a failure. It is nearly impossible to truly communicate with them, they will only speak the highest ranking officers of a nation. They wish not to speak with any native Aeronians, but are willing to provide small hints on what they are about and or what they plan. Aeroxiana has no military (as of 10/28/2014), and cannot take aggressive actions upon the SFK, so diplomacy is the best solution if any threats appear or disputes arise. Hopefully, it will last as a neutral pact. The king of Aeroxiana does state that the SFK will be taken down in the near future if even 1 threat appears. Anyone in the SFK that was part of Aeroxiana will rejoin the KoA if the take over does occur.

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