Socialist Kingdom of New York
Flag of Socialist Kingdom of New York

Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Capital city Bryant Park
Largest city Bryant Park
Official language(s) American English and Arabic
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym New Yorker
Government Socialist Kingdom
- King King Johan
- All citizens Johan
Mohammad Hatta
Diana Roberts
Alex Stephens
Legislature Grand Socialist Duma
Established 4th November 2012
Currency USD
Patron saint None
Internet Domain

Socialist Kingdom of New York is a micronation established on 4th November 2012 by King Johan and his friend Mohammad Hatta. Later it was joined by Diana Roberts and Alex Stephens. Comrade Johan was against the feudalistic monarchy but for a small socialist country of 4, monarchy was a good governmental system. The kingdom believes in moderate socialism and support the non commercial/and small profit making private properties. King Johan is the head of the state but all citizens are head of government together. It is a small community of like minded people.


It was established on 4th November 2012 by King Johan and Mohammad Hatta. They both were neighbors and got the idea while surfing internet on Mohammad's iPhone. They encountered website of Sealand and then find some website to start your own country. Going back home they declared the Socialist Kingdom of New York.


King Johan is head of the state and all citizens of Kingdom have equal political rights. All 4 citizens are head of the government. Rules are made by consensus but if no consensus is possible then voting is done and majority vote wins. In case there is equal votes in both side King Johan takes the final decision.

Political IdeologyEdit

Kingdom believes in mild socialism where both private and public property exists. Kingdom supports private proverty in non commercial sector, low profit making sector(like small retail stores) and tertiary economic activities except health care, education and transportation.


It isn't possible to become citizen of the kingdom. It is limited to 4 close friends so there is no law of naturalization.


Kingdom claims sovereignty over Bryant Park which was formerly under New York, United States. Bryant Park is a medium sized park and only territory of the kingdom.No Citizen of Kingdom have legal ownership of the park under the law of United States and Unite States government didn't reply to emails the sent by the kingdom regrading sovereignty over the park.


Kingdom is a very peaceful small state so it don't maintain a formal army. It is dependent on United States for protection from violent threats.

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