Socialist People's Democratic Republic of New Hope
New Hope's Flag
Flag of New Hope

Work Will Set Us Free
The New Dawn
Central Iowa
Capital city New Hope
Largest city New Hope
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Official religion(s) State Atheism (de jure), State Cult (de facto)
Short name New Hope
Government Unitary single party republic
- First Comrade of the State Mícheál Ó Carroll
- President of the Great People's Chamber Lukynka Theoné
Legislature The Great People's Chamber
- Type - Unicameral parliament
- Number of seats - 2 (plus speaker and President)
- Last election - Every year on Liberation Day (21 November)
Established 21 November, Year One of Liberation (2011) Great People's Chamber: 31 December, Year Five of Liberation (2016)
Area claimed Officially claims known universe. Currently claims to occupy a few square meters.
Population 7 "citizens"
Currency None (de jure), New Hope Credit (de facto)
Time zone UTC -6
National sport European Football
National drink Jameson and coke
National animal Eagle and dove
Patron saint Erich Honecker
Internet Domain .nh

The Socialist People's Democratic Republic of New Hope (SPDR) is a communist micronation founded in the year 2011 (Liberation I) in the heart of the city of West Des Moines, Iowa. The mirconation was founded by the young Ó Carroll to pursue his dream of bringing his radical views to the world and masses. The Information Bureau reports that seven people are proclaimed citizens however the willingness of these citizens has not been confirmed. (See citizenship) The nation is only known to occupy about .5m2 of land, but it claims a larger occupation area.

New Hope is headed by a representative single party parliament. On the local level the nation is rather democratic. Its economy is communist in nature and is one of the few true communist nations in history. New Hope has been noted for it's criticism of other states, including socialist ones, and has driven a rift between itself and other communists. New Hope's public nonrecognition of so called "terrorist states" that are recognized by most other nations (namely the United Kingdom and the People's Republic of China) has also caused trouble for the small nation.

The state protects all workers access to distribution of wealth and production based on need and contribution to society. However paper "work credits" are often used instead to buy and pay for labor/goods. The constitution also declares New Hope to be an atheist state as the party believes religion is an "opium of the masses" and deludes the pursuit of betterment of Humanity. New Hope has its own calendar system that was recently revised to more resemble the standard Georgian calendar. New Hope has an official Football [soccer] but has not taken part in any MLS CONCACAF cups, games or other events. American Football has been illlegalized in New Hope as the Party sees it as a "decant" sport.

History Edit

New Hope was believed to have been founded in November of 2011 (as reported on the official Facebook page). But the actual date is not known. The Party celebrates November 21st as "Liberation Day", as the nation's founding date. Until 2016 (Year Five of Liberation) Liberation Day served as the start of the new year as well. For a time between early/mid 2012 and late 2016 New Hope had little outside interaction and helped add to the lack of information about the nation. However on the last day of the year in 2016 New Hope went "live" again and information poured out as the government set up a page on Mirconations Wiki and extended foreign relations. Sometime during that "dark era" the Democratic Social Reform Party was founded, the Constitution drafted and New Hope's policy towards the United States shifted.

Originally the policy of the First Comrade had been to declare independence from the United States after the state had properly become self-sustaining. It was also believed friendly relations would be pursued. However after the "dark era" ended the Party, the First Comrade and official government policy were overtly hostile to the United States. While no official deceleration of independence was ever issued, New Hope's policy has been one of assumed independence. It is believed the Great People's Chamber will pass a bill affirming that status sometime in 2016.

New Hope originally started as a small enclave on a "cliff" over a creek in the middle of the Iowan city of West Des Moines. Since then it's actual influence has spread along the creek's bank, but only on one side as the other side has a bike path and rugby field. The side New Hope claims to occupy is forested and has thick underbrush in certain parts.

On January 7th, Year Five of Liberation (2017) New Hope declared war on the Republic of Molossia following the declaration of war from the German Democratic Republic the day before.

Government and politics Edit

New Hope is a unitary, single-party, communist republic; the Democratic Social Reform Party is the official party of the Revolution and thus is the only current party and has a large influence on the politics and government of New Hope. On the national scale the nation acts as a republic with elected officials who run affairs of the state with the First Comrade and President of the Great People's Chamber at the top as head of state and head of government respectively. At the local level New Hope practices of a form of "true" democracy, allowing workers to vote for workplace leaders, school leaders, city leaders, etc.

The People's Constitution acts as the supreme "law book" of the land. It details the various functions of the government, party-state interactions, rights of the masses, etc. Changes to the Constitution must be passed by a simple majority in the Great People's Chamber. After that the First Comrade will approve the change with approval from at least half his advisers. Finally the change must be approved by the people.

At the national level citizens elect representatives to the Great People's Chamber in a simple first past-the-post style. Chamber-members are tasked with furthering the Revolution with their constituents needs at heart. Every member of the chamber has one vote on issues and may make motions to the floor. However all motions must be in line with the rules set by the chamber and motions must be accepted by the President or acting speaker of the Chamber. Any bill passed by the Chamber may be vetoed by the First Comrade at advice from his advisers.

The First Comrade of the State acts as the face of the Revolution as head of State. He is tasked with being the voice of the nation in foreign affairs and being the middle ground between the Party, advisers and Great People's Chamber. The First Comrade is also the head of the DSRP who is elected by the members of the party. While the Constitution does not provide for what should happen if the current First Comrade were to pass or give up their power it is assumed the new leader of the Party would take power. The First Comrade appoints advisers that act as leaders of various departments and advise the First Comrade into what action he should take. The First Comrade's adviser appointments must be approved by the Great People's Chamber. Bills passed by the Great People's Chamber must be approved or vetoed by the Great People's Chamber (at advice from his advisers). The First Comrade may make official state visits and other foreign relation acts without advice. He may also disband the Great People's Chamber. When sitting at meetings of the Great People's Chamber the First Comrade is often invited to act as speaker.

On local levels direct democracy is practiced in workplaces. Workers vote for their supervisors and other mangers and have a say in workplace goals, rules, etc.

Elections are held at various times. Every year the members of the Great People's Chamber are subject to election but face no term limits. Every four years the leader of the Party is subject to election and the various officers are subject to rotating elections every year with a service of two to four years. Workplaces typically hold elections for supervisors every six months, mangers every four months and the local workers' committee every year. However the exact time of election various place to place. As long as the First Comrade holds the confidence of the Party he is not subject to election. All elections are carried out via secret ballot. There are no restrictions to running for office at any level except that the candidate be a citizen, be at least 18 when they assume office and take an oath to defend the Revolution.

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