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Socialist Republic of Bromenia
Социалистическа република братство
Flaag FlagCrestu Coat of Arms

Да е седнал на масата на братството
(Be seated at the table of Brotherhood)
Тачанка [[1]]
Capital city Dragostin
Official language(s) Bulgarian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Bromenians, Bromeni.
Government Bratya Single Party Socialist State
- President Sergei Maksimov
- Chancellor Martin Furnadjiev
- Foreign Minister Stefan Jovic
Legislature Brotherhood For The Greater Good of Society
Established 27th September 2013
Area claimed 16 2 km
Population 19
Currency Bromeni Lev, Bulgarian Lev, Euro.
Time zone Eastern European Time(UTC+02:00)

Bromenia (Pronounciation: brom-ee-nee-ah;), officially the Socialist Republic of Bromenia, was a country on the Balkan Peninsula that was considered a "Micronation" by outside observers. The capital city of Dragostin was into the second year of a seven-year plan for complete renovation. Bromenia is the only country located wholly within the Pirins Mountain Range. The nation was founded by the heavily Marxist-influenced Communist leader President Sergei Maksimov, and is currently controlled by both Maksimov and the Chancellor, whom acts=ed as a deputy-head of government as well as officially the Bromeni Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The sole political party in Bromenia was the Bromeni Workers' Party.


When Dragostin was a part of Bulgaria, it was a thriving yet small village on the edge of a large town, Gotse Delchev. It was slowly abandoned as the nearby towns grew into more prosperous places.

The history of Bromenia begins in 2013, when President Sergei Maksimov and his chancellor were researching ghost towns, they came across Dragostin in Bulgaria. Within months, Dragostin looked promising enough to become it's own micronation - and so the nation is now into the second year of a 7 year plan to rebuild the old town.

Back in the United Kingdom, they recruited 16 other citizens into the mass which started up the need for Passports and a currency. They decided to use a rendition of the Bulgarian Lev, subsequently called the Bromeni Lev. Passports were produced for the 19 citizens and they became dual nationality of British-Bromeni.

In 2014, several residents from the United Kingdom entered a permanent immigration to Bromenia, allowing full populisation of the capital city.

History of Dragostin

The small village at the time known as Borzhoza was officially recognised as a town in 1934, it was to be called Dragostin. At the time it flourished into a farming hub amongside neighbouring Delchevo for the nearest city of Gotse Delchev.

As time passed into the early 2000s, A large conurbation had grown between a town next to Dragostin and the large city of Gotse Delchev, which led to Gotse Delchev becoming a huge city next door to Dragostin. Many people relocated themselves with higher prospects to Gotse Delchev which left Dragostin in disrepair. All records in the Bulgarian Government of the town were erased and later on in 2008 the electricity supply to the town was cut. In 2010 the town was rediscovered by an anonymous Bulgarian who continued to post pictures of his visit to the ghost town on a Bulgarian forum.

This post led the 3 founding members of Bromenia to travel to Dragostin from their native United Kingdom and settle it as a micronation which has now flourished into one of the largest in the modern world.

Unofficial Liberation of Bromenia

The Unofficial Liberation of Bromenia was the period in between the 27th August 2013 and the 4th January 2014 in which Bromenia became an official micronation with recognition from fellow micronations. This period was often heralded as a large piece of Bromeni history and the first era in which Bromenia was born.

This period ended with the signing of the Treaty of Bromenia (See below) on the 4th January 2014 by the three founding members who now serve as the primary governmental cabinet of Bromenia.

2014 Territorial Dispute

In February 2014 the area claimed by the Socialist Republic of Bromenia expanded further toward the city of Gotse Delchev and Delchevo, which led to disputes between the government over where to place exact borders on federal territory and created 2 additional territories over a nearby river.


The Socialist Republic ceased to exist on the 10th July 2014, when it was overthrown by the current People's Republic of Bromenia.



Bromenia's largest district, Dragostin Capital Municipality, stood halfway up Delchevo Rock (Делчево рок) in Gotse Delchev province. It overlooked Gotse Delchev town, remnants of what was once a thriving agricultural village.

As of the 25th of February the Socialist Republic of Bromenia claimed Dragostin and it's surrounding territory, a claim not recognised by any macronational government.


Bromenia was the only country in the world located wholly in the Pirins Mountain range, however the capital is located at a low altitude when compared to other areas classified as within Bromeni borders. This can often mean it is humid, due to it's small area it is also considered unusual for the weather to be different around the entire country.


The Socialist Republic of Bromenia was run by a Marxist-Leninist Single Party, the Bromeni National Workers Party. It did not have regular elections, rather re-elected governmental figures when they become boring or have no further use in the Brotherhood which by fact runs the country.


  • President - Sergei Maksimov
  • Chancellor - Martin Furnadjiev
  • Foreign Minister - Stefan Jovic
  • Minister of Information - Kuzman Radyev


See Laws Of Bulgaria

The President of Bromenia at the time, Sergei Maksimov, made the following statement on law in 2014;

"Due to our lack of de jure control over the territory that Bromenia claims, we are weary to institute our own law until we have reached further steps towards autonomy and/or independence. We are therefore thankful to constitute Bulgarian law inside our borders until we are able to reach agreements with Bulgarian government that would ensure the future of Bromenia as a country."

Bratya Ideology

The Bratya Ideology was created at the formation of Bromenia, and it's aim is for all working together to push through hard times. The primary focus of the Bratya ideology is that nobody should have a specialist subject, they should be able to work in all areas.

For instance, a person working in the Military should be able to cook as well as fight whilst someone working in healthcare must be able to retain all of the disciplines, from radiology to nursing. This idea promotes that everyone has the potential to do anything they want as they have no limits to their abilities. This kind of society shows that people working within a sector are able to fit into any job within that sector.

The Bratya Ideology is split into 6 sectors;

  • Healthcare Sector
  • Military Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Political Sector
  • Service Sector
  • Informaton Sector

Instead of having a particular job title, people are expected to join one of the 6 sectors and then be designated the different tasks ranging from the low importance to the high importance. The idea behind this is that everyone works together and is able to shift into any role in that sector, be it doctor or receptionist. All of the money made within one sector in a particular month will then be split evenly throughout everyone working in the sector, thus creating a classless system.

Foreign Relations

  • The Bromeni Federation maintained embassies in the following macronations;
  1. United Kingdom (Hampshire, England)
  2. USA (South Carolina)
  3. Scotland (Edinburgh, in case of Scottish independence)
  4. Ecuador (Loja)

Treaty of Bromenia

The Treaty of Bromenia was an official document signed by the President, Chancellor & Foreign Minister of the Socialist Republic of Bromenia. It was signed as the three met for the first time since the recent election on the 4th January 2014 in London, United Kingdom. This treaty laid out several laws and also defined the official borders and claimed territory of the Federation.

Article i - Protection of the Bromeni People

All Bromeni people stand under the close protection of the Brotherhood for the Greater Good of Society, the ruling house of Bromenia and the official army which will lead it into battle should such an event occur.

Article ii - Definition of the borders of Bromenia

The borders shall stand at the permanent edges of Dragostin.

Article iii - Laws of Bromenia

Bromenia shall follow standard international law, with the addition of the selection of our own punishment. Capital Punishment is in force should it be necessary.

Article iv - Leadership of Bromenia

The President of Bromenia is a tenure position, once elected the President shall remain in such state until death.

Article v - Foreign Relations

All Foreign Relations are to be strictly prohibited to a select few who treat our ideology with respect, or have a similar ideology to our own.

Article vi - Communism

Bratya Communism shall remain the only diplomatic system used in Bromenia. It ensures that everyone working within one sector shall be paid the same amount, regardless of social status, gender, sexual orientation, disability or experience.


1206892534 voca7751 14.

Farmhouses being renovated in Dragostin.

Bromenia's main income relied on the plantation and replantation of crops in the farmland around Dragostin, this allowed them to produce food for the citizens of Bromenia whilst at the same time be able to export it to Bulgaria or Greece to create a foreign trade market. Bromenia also had a heavy reliance on Dragostin's Prepper Bunker, as it contained enough food should an apocalypse ary.

The nation also made a heavy income from tourism in the local area, as visitors came to see the renovation of Dragostin they often desire souveniers or the full tour to see what is being done in what was once a very traditional village. Bromenia was known in the past to involve itself in organised crime groups in order to obtain more income, however there is no recent evidence to suggest this continued.


Race/Ethnicity Percentage
White, Bromeni 78%
White, Other


Arabic, Other


Bromenia was widely a homogenius society consisting of mainly White Males, although there are no restrictions on citizenship due to race or gender.

Gender Percentage
Male 80%
Female 20%


Bromeni culture focused heavily around the traditional folk music that exists in the Balkan region, the nation showed a heavy regard for it's national instrument, the Concertina, upon which the national anthem (Tachanka) was played. Bromeni culture was also heavily reliant upon the Bratya Ideologies that it uses in it's politics. These ideologies meany that everyone working within a particular sector (eg. Healthcare or Retail) is paid the same amount, and the ideology that everybody can excel in every subject.

The Bratya Ideology supported the idea that if you work in Healthcare, you should be able to perform all aspects of the job, as in you are able to nurse and perform brain surgery. This idea is often described as a mid-left ideology, swaying towards the country's commnist routes. The people of Bromenia take pride in the Bratya Ideology and often use it as a marker in their life, helping them decide their aims.

In Bromenia, mononymous names were chosen, often taken as a derivitive or singular form of their birth name. In 2014, it was published that the most common name in Bromenia was отделям (Otdelyam) with 3 of the 19 citizens adopting this name upon becoming a citizen.



The Capital Region, Dragostin.


A digital render of actual Bromeni passports.

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