Socialist Republic of Molia
Flag of the SRMSRM coat of arms

Under the cities lies a heart made of ground.
Horse With no Name
SRM borderTruth or Consequences, NM, USA
Capital city Crosses City
Largest city Crosses City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Molian
Government Semi-socialist Democracy.
- Grand Commander Gavin Talbert
Legislature People's Parlement
Established 6/22/13
Population 22
Currency Molian Rubble
National drink Vodka
National animal Bass



Molia was founded by Gavin Talbert and his surrounding neighbors as a group that later formed micronational interests. The citizens of Molia set up a socialistic government as a way to keep things in order but decided to elect the leaders instead of having them serving life long.

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