Socialist Utopia of Wick
Wick Flag

The Socialist Utopia of Wick is a micronation or political simulation located in England and the Czech Republic. Commonly refereed to as just Wick, the nation is the only micronation to follow Utopian Socialism and the founder of the ideology in micronationalism.


Wick is a Viking-Germanic name for a small outlying farm. wick usually follows after a prefix for the type of farm. For example, Cheswick produces Cheese. The name was chosen to not only refer to Wick's locations, but show Wick's Germanic connections.


The yellow on the bottom symbolizes the wheat fields that surround wick and the yellow on the top band shows the sun dawning on a new society and a new age. The white symbolizes peace, fraternity and equality, feeding in to the Utopian Socialistic stance of the nation.


Wick operates with a direct democracy. It is everyones right to vote and get involved in national politics. Wick has the National Assembly.