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Republic of Sofia (En)

Republiko de Sofia (Eo)/ Republik Sofias (Sv)

Repubblica di Sofia (It)
Bandiera Republic of Sophia

"Pro Liberto dum Tempo"
Symphony 5, Finale (Andante Maestoso), by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Genoa, Italy
Capital city Sofia
Official language(s) Esperanto, English, Swedish, Italian
Official religion(s) Agnosticism
Demonym Sofos
Government Athenian Democracy
- Duke of The Republic/ Republika Duko Joannes III
- Duke of The Republic/ Republika Duko Joannes III
Legislature March 2015 - Present Day
Currency Karlus, Otto
Time zone +01:00(C.E.T.)

The Republic of Sofia is a micronation founded upon principles of Athenian democracy by Joannes I, who is the first Duke of the Republic.

It is enclaved within Italy, but plans to expand to Antarctica and space.


The Republic of Sofia was born in 2nd March 2015, by an idea of her first Duke, Joannes The First. The idea behind the Republic was to create a equal monarchy with a aristocratic council. After 2 weeks, Duke Joannes I, has leaved his place to The Second Duke, Joannes II. After two days of kingdom Caporal Morugani, with the support of our present's days Duke, Joannes III, betrayed Duke Joannes II and became Duke. For first act, Duke Morugani, took the citizenship to Joannes II and Joannes I and elected First of his Kinghts Joannes III. In 26th March 2015, Joannes III, betrayed Duke Morugani and took his citizenship, becoming the fourth Duke of The Republic. Joannes III is still Duke at present day. In the day 15th of April of year 2015 of the Christian Era, The Duke Joannes III riformeed the Republic legislative and religious System with the "Lego Johannes pri La Republika decido"( Johannes' low on The Republic's decisione) and made it an Athenian democracy.


The Duke take only decision about the military staff, all other decision is taken by the Libertavira Assemblo( in english Freeman's Assembly, in swedish Frimäns Agregat, in italian Asseblea dei Liberi Uomini).

Foregein Affairs

The Republic of Sofia has a tractact of mutual reconization with teh Maritime Republic of San Rocco.

The Duke of the Repubblic Joannes III has discussed about a axis with the San Rocco's Dukes, Franceso I in Pendola and Freiderich I.

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