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Kyng Solomon Fyrst
Flag of Slin.svg
flag of the Slin Empyre
Kyng of the Slinky Empyre
Assumed office:
December 31st, 2008
Predecessor Position established
Successor Kuri I.
Kyng of the Empyre of Slin
Voted in office:
July 7, 2012
Successor Karl Friedrich
Personal Information
Religion Christianity

Solomon Fyrst is the current Kyng of the Second Empyre of Slin. He was the first Kyng of the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy. His Parliamentary Monarchy reign started on December 31, 2008, when he signed the Slinky Document, and he resigned in 2011 or 2012. He usually signed royal proclamations in the Royal Office in Saint Rychard Department. In 2012, he was elected Kyng of Slin. Fyrst was also the Chancellor of the Courts of the High Union of Nations, and a chairman of the United World Micronations. Solomon Fyrst has described himself as a strong "Berean" Christian.

Current offices


Flag of Oiaeiuoieaiuaaaaeeeoiia.

Former offices


  • Kyng

Slinky Empyre

  • Kyng
  • Parliament Dyrector
  • Vyceroy of Saint Rychard Department
  • Vyceroy of Herway Department
  • Vyceroy of Amono Department
  • Presydent of Slinky Treasury
  • Presydent of Slinky Tourysm
  • Presydent of Slinky Education
  • Presydent of Slinky Police
  • Presydent of Slinky Air Force
  • Slinky Head of Fyrst Parliamentary Party


  • Mayor of Takutea City

High Union of Nations

  • Chancellor of the Courts

United World Micronations

  • Chairman


In chronological order, Solomon Fyrst has been a citizen of the United States of America, the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy, the Empire of Progle, the Republic of Nemkhavia, BlueSkies, the Empire of Eleytheria, the Archduchy of Lurk (de facto). He is also an honorary citizen of the Republic of Lostisland.

Royal succession

After Fyrst's resignation as Kyng of Slin, the order of royal succession preferred by him led to the automatic appointment of Kuri I as Kyng.

Bulletin of November 6, 2009

For those of you who have been wondering about the Slinky Empyre's level of activity, I would like to assure you that my nation has not fallen inactive. However, our capital Saint Rychard is currently in a government shutdown. Please do not be alarmed. The reasons for this shutdown are currently being kept confidential to avoid international conflict. Until later, blessings from Christ. –Kyng Fyrst


Orderofthepeople1st Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Sandus Order of the People, First Class.

Coat of Arms Sir Kyng Fyrst is a Knight of Suiland.

Orderofthebuddha2nd Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Sandus Order of the Buddha, Second Class.

Flag of Austenasia Sir Kyng Fyrst, KOM, is a Knight of Molossers in the Order of the Bullmastiff in Austenasia.

Eleytheria flag Kyng Fyrst is a Baron of Longbarrel in Eleytheria.

Eleytheria flag His Grace Kingsley I., Duke of Glacebrook, is a Stewardess of the Order of the Holy Trinity and a Knight of the Order of the Crown.

Birdgrg Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Friendliest Individual Award in Garagstan.

Crkcrossgrg Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Corkey Cross.

Order of the Holy Salanian Empire Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Order of the Holy Salanian Empire. OHSE Ribbon

Hero of nssr

Hero of Lurk Federation
For micronational leadership

Gcross Kyng Fyrst is a member of the Order of the Golden Cross.

A2 Kyng Fyrst is a People's Hero of the Appalachian Federation, the highest attainable award to a non-citizen.

New flag Elefthfria Solomon Fyrst has been given the title "Golden Kolourakia" by Pete Leventis.

Order of Friendship to the Commonwealth of Saint George and Victoria (1st Class)


Hero of Monovia
For friendliness in the micronational community

MicroWiki Medal Gold - Chess gold medal, 2013 Harmony Games


Slinky Empyre

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Tergumterra Dpt., Sumac Dpt., Iyabi Dpt., Georgeton Dpt., Haynes Dpt.

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