Name Son III
Micronation(s) Served NottaLotta Acres
Nationality American
Micronationality NottaLottan
Office(s) Secretary Secretariat of the High Office of Legal Intercession & Cabinet
This person is a professional micronational diplomat or ambassador.

Son III of NottaLotta Acres is the Secretary Secretariat of the Holi C of NottaLotta Acres, a position equal to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. The third son in the NottaLottan oligarchy, he is singly credited with naming NottaLotta Acres, and with its rise to statehood.

Private Life

Born in Illinois in 1991, Son III was raised in a conservative home, and he describes himself as a paleoconservative and a professing Christian. He also is a staunch supporter of free markets and free enterprise, as well as individualism. Some of his political heroes include Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, and Patrick Henry.

The name Son III (pronounced "son three") is an heraldic title, bestowed upon him by his mother, who shares the NottaLottan Papacy with Pope Pompous the Last, and therefore currently bears no heraldic title herself. Birth names are not used officially in NottaLotta Acres, though they are used casually.

Views on Micronationalism

He sees micronationalism as being analogous to real-world politics, but takes his position in NottaLottan government very seriously, as NottaLotta Acres is his home and a "truly sovereign state"; he disapproves of non-serious micronations, as they are, in his opinion, "... (M)erely poking fun at the political processes that took centuries to develop."