Sonora flag

United by One, Divided by Zero
Sonoran March
Sonora map (California)
Capital city Titusville
Largest city Titusville (by population) District 2 (by size)
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Smallism, non-religious
Demonym Sonoran
Government Benevolent Monarchy
- King HRH Titus I
Established April 6, 2012
Disestablished July 12, 2012
Area claimed Area claimed
Population 1
Currency Freedomian Burgins, US Dollars
Time zone Starland Standard Time (UTC -8; UTC -9, during Daylight Savings Time)
National drink Mexican Pepsi
National animal California Kingsnake
Patron saint General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

The Kingdom of Sonora is a secessionist micronation in California. Formed after the fall of the Union of Starland, it is led by His Royal Highness King Titus. For the first week of its existence, the nation was part of the Freedomian Commonwealth. On April 15, 2012, King Titus informed the Freedomian Senate of his independence but stated that District 5 (also known as Valle Enclave) would be ceded and remain part of the Commonwealth.

Diplomatic Policy

Sonora has a open door diplomatic policy. According to the constitution, it accepts relations with any nation that is not "militant, violent, extremist or any otherwise form of threat to itself or others."

Sonora currently holds relations with the following nations:

Nations by which Sonora has no relations but recognizes

Nations that Sonora does NOT recognize

  • United States of America: Currently, the stance on the US is that it has become a corporate-run, totalitarian state. Human, civil, and constitutional rights are violated and it is the policy of Sonora NOT to recognize the nation.
  • State of Israel: While it is the policy of the Sonoran government to recognize the co-habitation of the Jewish and Palestinian people, it does not recognize the State of Israel on the ground that it has become a Jewish nationalist, fascist state.
  • Islamic Republic of Iran: The Sonoran government views Iran as a Islamic fundamentalist, nationalistic, dictatorship and refuses to recognize its current regime.
  • Syrian Arab Republic: The Sonoran government calls for the resignation and/or removal of Bashar al-Assad and the removal and ban of the Ba'aath Party, which Sonora considers a fascist regime.
  • People's Republic of China: The current 'Communist Party of China' has lost its touch with what is considered communism, based on the teachings of Mao Tse Tung. The CPC is no longer a communist party or regime but more a nationalistic dictatorship. It is therefore, that Sonora does not recognize it.
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea: With a change in regime, the policy on North Korea may change. As of current, the policy is that it is a nationalist, single-party, military dictatorship and is not recognized by the Sonoran government. As the policies and leadership of Kim Jong-un continue to unfold, the policy on North Korea may vary or change.
  • North Sudan (The Sudan): The militant actions of Omar al-Bashir and the North Sudanese government over the South Sudanese and their new independent nation, along with the corrupt dictatorship and religious fundamentalism of it, Sonora has de-recognized North Sudan and its government.
  • Zimbabwe: The dictatorship of Robert Mugabe prevents Sonora from recognizing the government of Zimbabwe."
  • Burma: Even with the incorporation of more democratic reforms, the military dictatorship in Burma still remains. Sonora will not recognize Burma until it has fully transitioned into a democratic state with no military officials or military-junta members in Parliament.
  • Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko continues to remain in power through corruption, intimidation, and fear. It is the policy of the Sonoran government not to recognize Belarus until Lukashenko steps down and a democracy and free and fair elections are allowed to be held in Belarus.