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The Scotan Colony of South Leaze
South Leaze FlagSouth Leaze Colonial Symbol

Fas an livreson (English: Face the Liberation)
Our Proud Nation
Capital city Southleaze Farm Ruins (de facto),

Lake Scott (de facto), Mannington Bridge (de facto), Inner Mannington (de facto) &

Shepperson (de jure)
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Scotan, Southleazer, Southleazic, Southleazeite
- Local Representative for the National Assembly of Scotannaea multiple
Legislature National Assembly
Established Colony of the Republic of Scotannaea 25 February 2014
Population 5 (2007)
Currency Pound Sterling
Time zone GMT & BST

The Scotan Colony of South Leaze has a majority of it's landscape to farmland. The colony was incorporated into the Republic of Scotannaea on the 25th February 2014 and was it's 3rd biggest colony; there was a territorial amendment to the colony on the 2nd March 2014 which increased the perimeter of the colony to 3.949 kilometres. The capital location (capital city) for the colony is disputed with suggestions such as Southleaze Farm Ruins, Lake Scott, Mannington Bridge, Inner Mannington and Shepperson; the most widely accepted answer for a capital district is currently Shepperson. Shepperson was named after the business which the capital district is opposite, the business isn't in the country but is right next to it. Originally, the land of the colony was home to 2 houses with a working farmhouse; there was just fields in the distance with a massive countryside and a bridge which connected the country road over the busy M4 motorway to a village. Since the colonisation in 2014 and observations in 2013, the countryside scene was being taken over by roads that would go over the country road that's still there; the residences and the farm house were only converted to a lifeless, dull pile of rubble and litter; and the road bridge which once connected cars over a heaving road had been converted so it could only be used for pedestrians only. A lot of modernisation has took over this part of the countryside in the space of a few years. The colony is split by a parallel border which starts at the Redposts Wheel Monument, this monument is a manmade stone half-circle which is the corner of the colony where the left curve of the wheel is a continuous border of the colony and the plank of wood which faces the circle faces the parallel border of the colony in the opposite direction.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea

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