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The Federal Republic of South Matamah (English)
República Federativa do Matamá do Sul (Portuguese)
South Matamah Flag
South Matamah Coat of Arms
Coat of arms

Ante Morere Liberum de quam in Pax Subiectum
The South Matamah National Anthem
Capital city New Gasdrop
Largest city New Gasdrop
Official language(s) European Portuguese
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym South Matamanian
Government Federal republic
- President Ricardo Santiago
- Vice President Diogo Amaral
Legislature National Congress
- Type - Federal Senate
- Number of seats - 520
Established 21 January 820
30 March 1755 (independence from North Matamah)
Currency Dollar
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
National sport Football
National animal Mountain Cougar
Patron saint St. Thomas Constantin

South Matamah, officially the Federative Republic of South Matamah is the largest country in the Rainsaw region and it's the largest Lusophone country in the region. Originally part of the Great Matamah Kingdom, it declared independence from North Matamah in 30 March 1755. South Matamah is ruled by the South Matamanian Communist Party leader Ricardo Santiago since January 2011 and it's a democratic country since the end of the South Matamanian Dictatorship (ruled by the now defunct South Matamanian Nazi Party) in 1952.

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