South Millimia
South millimia flagRyss

In terra pacem et beatitudinem
Anthem of South Millimia
Tetbury, England
- Duke Andrew I
- Head Minister vacant

Government Website

South Millimia was an Autonomous State under New Canadian control located in in Sabovia . It was located in southwestern Sabovia and was founded on the 3rd of June 2012. It was awarded to the States of New Canada for being a loyal ally by Andrew I of Sabovia. The head of the subdivisional government and Head Minister of South Millimia was vacant, Several micronations recognised South Millimia as independent from Sabovia, despite the fact South Millimia did not declare independence.

Name ChangeEdit

Citizens of both Smallia and South Millimia agreed to change the name of South Millimia, it was later voted against by the Sabovian Imperial Government.

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