Fascist Imperial Republic of Taipan
SR Taipanese Flag (2013-2014).png
2013–2014Taipanese flag.png

Fascist Taipanese flag
Flag (2013-2014)
Fascist Taipanese emblem
Emblem (2013-2014)

Kimigayo March
Capital city South Satomi
Official language(s) Japanese
Government Fascist totalitarian family dictatorship
- Supreme Leader Akane Sakurako (2013-2014)
Legislature National Assembly
Established 28 December 2013
Disestablished 1 February 2014
Currency South Taipanese yen

 South Taipan, officially was the Fascist Imperial Republic of Taipan, was a micronation made up of two separate lands located in East Asia, Japan. The capital city was South Satomi. The state was divided from North Taipan. It's government was a Fascist Totalitarian family dictatorship led by the Sakurako family. The South Taipanese government was influenced by Hideki Tojo's policies. 


Division of Taipan

On 28 December 2013, Taipan was divided into two micronations, South and North Taipan. The Fascist Imperial Republic was established by Akane Sakurako and her twin sister, Kumiko Sakurako. The Fascist Imperial Republic claimed South Taipan. Next day after establishment, Akane Sakurako declared herself as Supreme Leader. The Fascist Imperial Republic surrendered on February 1, 2014.


South Taipan was a family dictatorship. The constitution describes the Sakurako family as the ruling family. The head of the Sakurako family was the Supreme Leader of South Taipan, being Akane Sakurako.