Southern Communist Party of Cubodia

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Southern Communist Party of Cubodia
Leader Luke Fawcett
Founded 27 March 2013
Membership 1
Ideology Communism
National affiliation South Cubodia
Official colours Red & gold
Southern Communist Party of Cubodia, also named Southern Communist Party or SCPC, is a communist political party and leading party of South Cubodia.


Foundation of the party

When South Cubodia was founded the government had no leading party, Luke Fawcett (the South Cubodian leader), decided to creat a political party to lead South Cubodia under communism, in that way South Cubodia has a political party to take charge of the South Cubodian government.

According to South Cubodian sources, the origins of the Southern Communist Party of Cubodia can be traced to the Union of Socialist Micronations (USM)which was supposedly founded on 6 March 2013, before Cubodia been divided into two nations, and led by Luke Fawcett.

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