The Southern Kingdom of Dover is in one of the most southernmost points of Australia in Dover on the island of Tasmania.

History of SKOD Edit

SKOD was founded in November 15 2009 when King Lucian I became bored when school began to finish towards the end of 2009 and learned about Sealand from a website. From there, he did more research and found other micronations and decided to create his own on the family farm.

Government Edit

The SKOD works on an absolute monarchy with King Lucian I as it's head of State. It's planned though to have a sort of parliament when citizen numbers increase to more than the numbers at what they are now.

Currently there are only two members of the monarchy with King Lucian I at it's head and Duke van de Hooven as his deputy. King Lucian takes care of all foreign matters and Prince van de Hooven takes care of all matters inside Dover.

Geography Edit

Dover is located on around 2 Hectares of land outside the Tasmanian town of Dover. It is mostly pasture, but there are two small lakes close by as well as large areas of forest, in some areas with Huon Pine.

Foreign policies Edit

SKOD does not believe in violence and is not a violent or aggressive nation and seeks relations with as many other micronations as possible. It also seeks being a member of any organisation that loves peace does not encourage war.

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