Sovereign Base Areas of Brokia and Cyrina

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Sovereign Base Areas of Brokia and Cyrina
October 2013–May 2014Usa [[]

Unironic empireUnironic Temporary Territory Seal

Moon Area Middle School
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Short name Brokia and Cyrina
Demonym Unironic
Government Sovereign Base
- Sovereign William I
Established October 2013
Population (No Permenant Population) 2 part time residents
Currency Unironic Franc


October of 2013 the Unironic Government established a extraterritorial base in MAMS for adminstration of the area for Unironic citizens


on May 28, 2014 the Emperor of Unironia ends Unironic military/government prescence in MAMS until next school year officially giving the land back to the United States

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