The Sovereign Military Pagan Order of The Knights of The Silver Shield, or simply The Order of The Silver Shield or The Knights of The Silver Shield, is a lay pagan organazation that styles itself as a chivalric knightly order that claims sovereigny over itself and The Temple of Kom Ombo.

Territories Claimed

  • The Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt
  • Sonnenberg, NY


  • House Nakht: 'The Order within an Order', The House of Strength, Dedicated to Horus and Sobek and the other Egyptian Deities.
  • House Vēnātor: The House of the Hunters, House Dedicated to Diana and the other Roman Dieties.
  • House Verndari: The House of Guardians and Protecters, House Dedicated to Thor and the other Norse Gods.

Dieties Represented

  • Horus, Egyptian God of Strength, Kom Ombo
  • Sobek, Egyptian God of The Military, Kom Ombo
  • Diana, Roman Goddess of The Moon, The Hunt, and Protecter of Women, Sonnenberg
  • Thor, Norse God of Thunder


6/17/12, Founded

8/14/12, Annexed the Territory of Sonnenberg and started raising money to restore its 'Temple of Diana'

11/12/12, The First White Moot was held

11/17/12, In reaction to The First White Moot, Sir Matthew Sampson, Blessed of Thor, Proclaimed himself 'High Prince and Grandmaster' of the order with no opposition. He also renamed the order from The Sovereign Military Pagan Order of The Knights of Horus and Sobek' to The 'Sovereign Military Pagan Order of The Knights of The Silver Shield. He also set up The First Three Houses.

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