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Sovereign Order of the Violet Inquisitors
Flag of the Sovereign Order of the Violet InquisitorsCoat of Arms of the Sovereign Order of the Violet Inquisitors

Deus Vult
Hymn of War
Capital city Unknown
Largest city Unknown
Official language(s) English, Latin, Vinquisitorian
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Vinquisitorial Order
Demonym Subject
Government Theocratic Order, State Within a State
- Grandmaster Grandmaster Romanicus, Destroyer of Progress
Legislature General Chapter
- Type - Unicameral Legislative Body
- Number of seats - Varies
Established Unknown
Area claimed Unknown
Population Unknown
Currency Mark
Time zone All
National sport Antique Shooting
National dish Scrambled Eggs and Rice
National drink Jasmine Tea
National animal Colossal Squid
Patron saint St. Thomas More

The Sovereign Order of the Violet Inquisitors, unoffically referred to as the Vinquisitorial Order, is a Self-Style Order and a Roman Catholic Association of the Faithful. The Order claims to be a Sovereign entity similar to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, hence any territory it claims to own is ipso facto Sovereign Micronation. The Vinquisitorial Order was founded by Grandmaster Romanicus at an unknown date and is located somewhere in California.


Before arriving at the Forums the Vinquisitorial Order went by numerous names and flags throughout its unwritten history. The Order's government and cultural identity was developed in secret before going public.

The Founder

The Founder of the Sovereign Order of the Violet Inquisitors is Grandmaster Romanicus who is the current Head of State of the Order's territory.

The Flag

The Flag of the Vinquisitorial Order consist of a black background with a large violet cross, surrounded with a white border, at the center of the flag. Within the middle of the cross there is a white circle, that has a violet border, with a violet crusader's cross that has a black border.


The Vinquisitors wear a hoodless black robe that has a similar appearance to a Howie Coat or Cassock. They wear a violet fascia on their waste similar to Roman Catholic Bishops with a violet Mandarin Collar. The most unqiue aspect of the Robeman's uniform is the mask which consist of welding goggles with violet lenses connected to a surgical mask like face mask. They wear a unique hat known as a "Spiked Cap" which looks like a miltiary peaked cap with a pickelhaube like spike at the center.

Religion and Ideology

His Excellency

Roman Catholicism

The Vinquisitorial Order proclaims Traditional Roman Catholicism as it's state religion and enforces this rule strictly. It is only obliged to belive in the offical doctrines and dogmas of the church, various opinions of clergy are not regarded as church teaching. This is becuase the Church Hierarchy is vunrable to subversion and infiltration, the Vinquisitorial Order introduces its character and culture into Roman Catholicism which is an important aspect of its National Identity. This is because the Vinquisitorial Order perceives the church hierarchy as being too liberal since the Second Vatican Council. it does not reject the Second Vatican Council for that would be heresy, but it only criticizes its effectiveness.

Authoritarianism and Expansionism

In terms of ideology, the Vinquisitorial Order can be described as nothing more but Authoritarian. Nobility have traditionally been considered the warrior classe of their respective culture, similarly the Vinquisitors are viewed as a police of their territories. The Order acts, not just as the government, but also as an arbitrary secret police force or inqusition to permanently be vigilant. This is to protect the Order and its land from subversive elements such as other religions and leftist.



Society and Culture


National Anthem

Placeholder Anthem:

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