Sovereign Principality of Kryptonia

"Ilheonj Iliveh Kryptonia"
Freedom To Kryptonia
Capital city Arehde City
Official language(s) English, Kryptonian
Official religion(s) No religion
Demonym Kryptonian
Government Constitutional Principality
- Prince Pulkit
- President Yash
- Supreme Leader Jayant
- Number of seats - 12
- Last election - Every 2 months
Established 12th May 2014
Area claimed 3.28 million sq. km (claimed) 10 sq km in control
Population 20 and expanding
Currency Bitcoins
Time zone Indian Standard Time
National sport Cricket
National dish Momos
National drink Rasna
National animal Komodo
Internet Domain

The Sovereign Principality of Kryptonia is a micronation which was established on 12 May 2015. Kryptonia is located on the Indian subcontinent and has a population of 20.


With only five citizens at the time of its independence, the new micronation declared a part of Gurgaon, India, as its territory. Once Kryptonia's claims were stated, the nation appointed its first head of state. The King of Kryptonia Pulkit and The Supreme leader Jayant have worked very hard to make Kryptonia the world's most powerful micronation. The micronation of Kryptonia has its really long history dating back to the wars between the British and our ancestors. In 1947 India was an independent country but it was not able to fulfil the needs of the citizens. So after a struggle of 68 years, Kryptonia was established on 12th may 2015.

Our Notable citizens

  1. Jayant arora - he is the supreme leader for life and has contibuted in the expansion of kryptonia. Under his rule the flag of kryptonia was flown in three continents
  2. Pulkit sharma - he was one of the founding fathers due to difference in opinion and work. he taken a infinite work leave.
  3. Abid Masih - he is the first person outside india to get our citizenship. he hails from karachi.